Charles County, Maryland

County Administration

County Administration

Deborah E. Hall, CPA
Acting County Administrator

The County Administrator is responsible to the County Commissioners for the day-to-day operations of County Government; assuring County Commissioners' assignments are conducted thoroughly, efficiently and in accordance with Commissioner directives; administering the various functions of government in accordance with laws, policies and procedures promulgated by the County Commissioners; preparing policy recommendations for Commissioners' approval; approving the weekly meeting agenda of the County Commissioners; assisting the Commissioners in establishing long and short range goals and objectives for the County; maintaining liaison and coordinating efforts with other State, Federal, County and non-profit agencies; and supervising and evaluating department heads.

The Deputy County Administrator performs administrative management work on assigned County functions, projects, programs, and services; provides leadership, program direction, policy guidance, and administrative management to assist the County Administrator in carrying out assigned activities; coordinates activities that are often diverse and difficult to integrate and administer; represents the County Administrator on a wide range of matters within the County government, to other government entities, private organizations, and community groups; and initiates proposals, policies, projects, and programs to improve County services, respond to mandated requirements, and meet the needs of County residents.