Charles County, Maryland

Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adult Guardianship Review Board

April 18, 2013

Charles County Department of Social Services

Members present:  Joyce Abramsom, Phyllis Bartilucci, Brasilia Lowe, Maurice Dipoli, Lori Quill, Linda Vanhoy, William Olmsted, Delia Meadows, Nicole Ransome (secretary)

  1. Election of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson – Maurice Dipoli was elected Chairperson and William Olmsted was elected Vice-Chairperson.
  2. Review of members – Roster upate, Marla Miller will forward to members for approval.  Delia Meadows has sent e-mail to Carol DeSoto regarding request for appointment of a physician, psychiatrist and ex-officio’s for Department of Aging and Department of Disability Administration.
  3. Full case reviews (8)
  4. Paper reviews (12)
  5. Members presented a memorandum regarding an Advising Nurse on Guardianship Review Board from Adam Storch, Associate Attorney.
  6. Next review date was set for October 16, 2013 at Department of Community Services.