Charles County, Maryland

December 12, 2016 Minutes

Monday, December 12, 2016

6:00 PM
Charles County Government Building

Members PresentMembers AbsentStaff PresentGuests Present
Bobby Boarman, ChairGilbert Bowling, IIICharles RiceDavid Lines
Eddie BowlingBonnie WilliamsAimee Dailey 
William ThompsonLuis DieguezStephanie Springer 
  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Boarman at 6:00 P.M. in the County Government Building, Planning & Growth Management Conference Room #2.

  1. Approval of the Previous Minutes

A motion was made by Mr. E. Bowling, seconded by Mr. Thompson, to approve the minutes of July 18, 2016 with corrections.  The motion carried unanimously.

  1. Forest Conservation Overlay Easements, Brent Garner Property, Trinity Church Road

The MALPF easement does not allow any overlay easements without first obtaining permission from the Foundation. Mr. Garner conveyed several forest conservation easements without obtaining Foundation approval. Much of the forest conservation bank is on a steep ravine. The Foundation’s policy for forest conservation does not allow more than 10 acres and cannot be on good crop land. It was agreed to ask to keep one overlay in place on the west side of the property. The rest of the easements must be abandoned and placed elsewhere. Mr. Garner has other property and would like to move the easements there.  His request is to retain Easement #4 of 8.873 acres at the Trinity Church Road site, abandon the rest of the easement overlays and move them to another site. This will meet the guidelines designated by the State.

Motion was made by Mr. E. Bowling to retain Easement #4 of 8.873 acres at the Trinity Church Road site, abandon the rest of the easement overlays and move the rest to another site. Mr. W. Thompson seconded, all were in favor.

  1. Request for Owners Lot, Catherine T. Bowling, Old Sycamore Road

Property owner, Catherine Bowling, wants to build a new house, replacing the house currently there. The owner wants to build the replacement house directly in front of the existing house. Mrs. Bowling is also requesting the Board approve a subdivision of the new house and up to 2 acres surrounding it. The subdivision would occur sometime after the new house is complete and the old house demolished.

Motion was made by Mr. E. Bowling to relocate existing house with new house, and ability to subdivide up to two (2) acres at a future time.  Mr. W. Thompson seconded, and all were in favor.

  1. Update on FY15 Settlements

Mr. Rice provided an update.  Out of seven (7) offers, two (2) have gone to settlement (Catherine Bowling and Richard & Barbara Bowling), and the remaining five are having boundary surveys done - Lawrence Abell, Turner Brothers property, Von Brauhaut and Sullivan/Mt. Tirzah.

  1. Update on FY17 MALPF Applications

30 applications were processed.  All have been appraised. Once the State has reviewed them, we will receive the appraisals and do the final ranking. This may take place in late February - early March.  Offers will be made once this legislative session is over so money can be combined, which will be in April.

  1. Update on County Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) Program

Mr. Rice advised that option contracts are being reviewed by the County Attorney’s Office. The County Commissioners approved the recommended ranked applications.

  1. Right To Farm Ordinance and Resolution Board

In the past, the Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board worked to get the “Right to Farm” Ordinance adopted. This gives agricultural landowners protection from disputes posed by neighboring citizens (see page 4 of the Right to Farm Ordinance #00-60, Item #IV.  Resolution of Disputes and Procedures for Complaints, Investigation and Declaration). Rather than create a board that will not function often, staff is recommending the Agricultural Reconciliation Committee be comprised of members from other boards:

  1. Farm Bureau
  2. Agricultural Land Preservation
  3. Home Owners Association Dispute Resolution Board (HOADRB)

The Board discussed the issue and agreed that assembling a Committee from existing Boards was an appropriate way to create the Reconciliation Committee.

  1. Guidelines for Uses on MALPF Easement Properties

Michelle Cable, MALPF staff, is working on changes to the allowable uses policy. Mr. Rice provided copies and asked the Board to review and provide comments by January 12, 2017.

  1. Comprehensive Plan Action Items, Role of the Board

The new Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries chapter of the Comprehensive Plan has new goals and actions (see page 11-8).  The Board is tasked with reviewing the action items and making recommendations to advance them. Some of the items include:

#4 – expand Agricultural Land Preservation Board to include more agricultural issues in addition to preservation, and include fisheries.
#9 – Future Farmers of America: concerning because there is no interest in the schools.
#7 – Consider hiring a full time agriculture marketing specialist.

Mr. Rice advised that the Commissioners are reviewing the feasibility of hiring an Agricultural Marketing Specialist. The Board unanimously agreed to recommend this position be created.

  1. Meeting Schedule for 2017

The Board agreed to continue having quarterly meetings on Mondays, and add meetings as needed.

A schedule will be developed for 2017.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:12 p.m.