Charles County, Maryland

May 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charles County Area Council on Aging

May 10, 2012     9:30 AM

Richard R. Clark Senior Center

La Plata, MD 20646

Persons Present:  (M - voting member; N - non-voting member; C - Community Representative): Maurice DiPoli (M, Chair), Dina Barclay (N, Chief of Aging and Senior Programs), Bruce Kirk (M, Secretary), Barbara Crawford (M), Beverly Coger (M), Sonja Mahoney (M), Dr. Guillermo Sanchez (M), Maureen Swymer (M), and Linda Barnes, (C, CCDoH Rep).

Persons Absent:  (E = excused; U = unexcused),  Candice Quinn Kelly (M, E, Commissioner rep),

Richard Black (M, E), George Estes (M, E), Linda Gottfried (M, E), Vickie Grow (M, E), Elaine Lancaster (M, E), Marise Robertson (M, E), and Bill Holman (C, E, CCNRC rep).

Call to Order: 9:30 AM, Maurice DiPoli.

Presence of Quorum: No (only 7 of 14 voting ACA members).  Without a quorum, minutes of the April meeting could not be approved and no formal actions could be taken.

Communications:  Thank you notes were sent to the Moderator and Presenters at the Hip Fracture Forum held on April 26th.

County Commissioner Report:  Commissioner Kelly was unable to attend.

Aging Division Director's report,  Dina Barclay

-  Member George Foster resigned as member and Vice President due to health issues.  The Commissioners will send a thank you note of appreciation for his contributions to the Council.

Unfinished business:

Health Committee update,  Dr. Sanchez.  The Hip Fracture Forum was successful, the room was nearly full, and Drs. Ferraro and Razaq were pleased with the attendance.  There was discussion about future health forums.  For the coming year, suggestions included one about oncology (cancer) perhaps with Dr. Mathur, or kidney disease, or senior nutrition issues.

Legislative Committee update,  no report. Elaine Lancaster was unable to attend.

Summer outreach to Senior Centers and Senior Housing,  general discussion.  Sonja Mahoney is contacting the faith-based community asking what its needs are to address issues of concern to seniors.  In addition to Senior Centers or Senior Apartment complexes, there is a possibility that presentations could be scheduled at Rescue Squad facilities such as the one in Pomfret, which has offered its meeting room for such events in the past.  Maurice DiPoli indicated that outreach should include an education component to provide seniors information on what services are available to them in Charles County.  Many seniors are simply not aware of the service options.  The Maryland Access Point (MAP) on the Web is a good source of primary information.  Sonja Mahoney asked how various income levels affect the services available; Dina Barclay will distribute information on this issue.  Interaction and discussion on outreach is encouraged during the summer break.

New business:

Feedback from the May 4th Innovations on Aging Conference,  general discussion.  Despite an intention to hold the annual Charles/St. Mary's/Calvert county councils on aging meeting at the Gaylord Hotel, no formal Tri-County meeting was held.  However, there state-level meeting was excellent, with presentations by all Maryland's Councils on Aging.  Guest speaker, Susan Finn (Alzheimer's Association National Capitol Area), spoke about Federal Advocacy and how to contact your senators and representatives to effectively make your case.  Kim Burton (Mental Health Association of Maryland) spoke about getting up-to-date information on legislation through the General Assembly using its web site.  After lunch, there was much discussion among many of Maryland's Councils on Aging about such senior issues as transportation and "aging-in-place" in lieu of nursing homes.  Mike Lachance (Legislative Liaison to Maryland Department of Aging) closed the session by suggesting that the Councils on Aging communicate with each other to address four items:  1.  What are the unmet needs in your county planning and service area?  2.  Do you have suggestions on how to address these needs?  3.  If you have solutions, please share them.  4.  What would be most helpful to your Commission on Aging that can be achieved with improved collaboration among local commissions on aging and the State Commission on Aging?

Feedback from the May 5th Innovations on Aging Senior Expo,  general discussion.  The Expo featured sixteen 1-hour forums held between 10:00AM and 2:00PM along with stage entertainment and vendor exhibit booths throughout the day in the main hall.  It generally worked well, with most people able to select four topics of special interest to them.  There were some minor complaints about the noise from four concurrent forums, the long walks needed to get to specific programs in the enormous hotel, and the difficulty some had choosing which four of the sixteen forums to attend.

Strategic 4-yr Area Plan,  Dina Barclay.  Public forums are not held between the "update" years, but ACA member input/feedback is welcome.  The plan update cannot be started until the state provides budget allocations for FY13, which have been delayed due to the need for a special session.

May is Older Americans Month,  Dina Barclay.  The SCOOP lists special events in honor of Older Americans Month, being offered at each senior center in May.

Senior Picnic,  Dina Barclay.  The Annual Senior Picnic will be held 11:00AM - 2:00PM on June 20 at the Waldorf Jaycees.  The event is free, but tickets are required.  ACA members who wish to attend, please contact Dina to reserve tickets, which may go fast!

Next meeting,  Dina Barclay.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, June 14.  ACA members are encouraged to send suggestions for next month's agenda to her or Maurice DiPoli.  The ACA will re-convene in September, following the summer break.

Member & Community Representative Announcements:

Health Department,  Linda Barnes reported that things were quiet except for an incident of tuberculosis, which is being addressed by the Health Department.

United Seniors of Maryland,  Bruce Kirk.  USM is pretty quiet between legislative sessions, but does encourage people to contact their legislators to discuss legislation for the January 2013 session.  Also, USM will elect and install new officers at its next meeting on May 21st.

Sonja Mahoney mentioned that her agency will soon offer the "Matter of Balance" fall prevention program at her facility at 203 Centennial Street.  Schedule will be publicized soon.

Adjourn:  The meeting adjourned at 10:31AM

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Kirk, Secretary