Charles County, Maryland

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Attendees:   Sally Brown, Ivan Cunningham, Trisha DePhillip, Kim Fullerton, Anne Gardiner, Diane Harris, Donna Poudrier and Kim Stephens


Absent:     Vicki Dopler


It was announced that Linda Kelley, our rep from Calvert County, had passed away about a week earlier. Our condolences go out to her family. 


1.     One attendant will be leaving, but two more are scheduled to start soon.

2.     Off site adoption event every 3rd Saturday of the month at Pet Valu in Brandywine. Pet Valu has 3 cat cages that house TCAS cats. Cats stay a maximum of 2 weeks and if not adopted are brought back to the shelter. New cats are then taken to the store to be put in the cages. 

3.      Computer Software System is working well. 

4.     Feasibility Study for St. Mary's County should be completed in July 2017

5.     Charles County's feasibility study will be presented to the Charles County Commissioners on Feb. 28, 2017 at 1:15pm

6.     Tiffanye is back to work from her maternity leave

7.     The shelter FaceBook page helps with adoptions and picking up new rescues. Weekly stats such as reclaims, adoptions, and rescues will be put on the FaceBook page weekly.

8.     Stats were presented

9.    Donation account show $112,490.48 available funds. Already approved by this committee is $10,000 for Clear the Shelter 2016, $10,000 for cat adoption promotions, and $100 for holiday staff lunch. This will leave approximately 92,390.48

10.     The committee approved $10,000 for Clear the Shelter in August 2017, $5,000 for June Cat Adoptions, and $5,000 for enrichment items and toys.




                                                             Anne Gardiner, Secretary



Meeting Adjourned: 9pm

Next Meeting: March 15, 2017