Charles County, Maryland

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Attendees:   Sally Brown, Ivan Cunningham, Trisha DePhillip, Anne Gardiner, Diane Harris, and Kim Stephens


Excused:   Vicki Dopler, Kim Fullerton, and Donna Poudrier


1.    Charles County has budgeted 4.2 million dollar for a new shelter in the 2018 budget

2.    Stats presented

3.    At DogFest TCAS adopted one dog. 4 Pitbull type dogs were transferred to a rescue partner then adopted from that rescue

4.    Offsite adoption event this Saturday with Last Chance Animal Rescue and Pets in Need of Southern MD

5.     TCAS has offsite adoption events scheduled for almost every Saturday througout the year

6.    The adoption wing sits empty for lengths of time throughout the year. There has been some discussion about pulling dogs from other high kill shelters to help. 

7.     There is approximately $40,000 approved but not subtracted from the donation account, leaving approximately $77,000 in the account.

8.     The committee tonight approved $1.500 for adoption folders, up to $3,500 for marketing materials for offsite adoption events, and up to $600 for a new TV for the breakroom



                                       Anne Gardiner, Secretary


Adjourned:  8:45pm

Next Meeting: June 21, 2017 @ 7:30pm