Charles County, Maryland


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Attendees:  Sally Brown, Ivan Cunningham, Trisha DePhillip, Vicki Dopler, Kim Fullerton, Anne Gardiner, Linda Kelley, Donna Poudrier, and Kim Stephens.

 1.     Four new attendants are still working out.

2.      Three cats are available for adoption at the Pet Valu in Brandywine Store. Cats are only kept in the stores for 2 weeks then brought back to the shelter if not adopted. 

3.      New computer software was installed. Still working out some kinks in the system but overall the system is working well.

4.     St. Mary's and Charles Commissioners are considering a feasibility study for future of shelter between the two counties.

5.      Tiffanye is out on maternity leave at this time.

6.     A social media person would be helpful

7.     Fiscal Year stats were presented.

8.     Donation account balance is $77,321.00

9.    Promotions fore the year are: Sept-Happy Cat month; Oct-National Cat Day, Adopt a Shelter Dog month; Nov-Black Fur Day

10.    Off site adoption events are 10/9-Mutt Madness and 10/22-Pit Bull Awareness Day





                                                                          Anne Gardiner, Secretary



Adjourned 8:35pm

Next mtg: Oct 19, 2016