Charles County, Maryland

Minutes- Oct 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Charles County Area Council on Aging

October 11, 2012   9:30 AM 

Richard R. Clark Senior Center

La Plata, MD 20646

Persons Present:  (M - voting member; N -non-voting member; C - Community Representative): Maurice DiPoli (M, Chair),Dina Barclay (N, Chief of Aging), Kim Simonson (for Commissioner Kelly), Bruce Kirk (M, Secretary), Elaine Lancaster (M, E), Sonja Mahoney (M), Marise Robertson (M), Dr. Guillermo Sanchez (M), and Bill Holman (C,E,CCNRC rep).

Persons Absent:  (E = excused; U =unexcused), Richard Black (M, U), Beverly Coger (M, E), Barbara Crawford (M, E),George Estes (M, U), Vickie Grow (M, E), Maureen Swymer (M, E), and Linda Barnes (C, E).

Call to Order:  9:33 AM, Maurice DiPoli.  ViceChairperson Sonja Mahoney presided.
Presence of Quorum:  Yes (7 of 13 voting ACA board members).
Approval of Minutes:  The September minutes were approved as distributed.

-  Bruce Kirk distributed two pages from the United Seniors of Maryland's October newsletter.  Page 1 announced the new USM President Elizabeth Weglein & the availability of election information on the USM website. Page 2 noted changes in the membership options for those wishing to join the USM. Information regarding the annual legislative forum, scheduled for Jan 29, 2013 was also included. 

County Commissioner Report: 
Kim Simonson attended the meeting on behalf of Commissioner Kelly shared her warm regards for the members. No significant items to report, but discussed the recent POW/MIA ceremony held by the County Commissioners & the decision to fly the POW flag regularly. This was a very moving ceremony for all who attended.  She also advised members of the upcoming celebration for the grand opening of the new Waldorf Library, scheduled for Nov 13th.  Kim hopes to attend ACA meetings on a more regular basis. During discussion about upcoming ACA outreach events & planning for the next Health Forum, Kim offered to help members with this event, as she has expertise in event planning and enjoys such work. This was very well received by all ACA members present. Dina will coordinate with Kim.

Aging Division Director's report :  Dina Barclay, Chief of Aging 
-  Three new grant applications were submitted since the previous meeting: (1) $15Kfor chronic disease self-management programs, including some new fitness & therapeutic equipment for Indian Head Senior Center & Nanjemoy Senior/Community Center.  (2) $400 from the Southern Maryland Heritage Consortium for Native Americans and Nanjemoy Heritage Day. (3) $2000 for the annual Arts Alliance to provide support for arts and culture at all 4 Senior Centers.  Award status is pending for all three submissions.
-  The vacancy in the Long Term Care Ombudsman position has recently been filled. The new Charles County Ombudsman is Linda Blake, who has decades of experience, and is a recent retiree of the Health Dept. We are pleased to welcome Linda & have this mandated position staffed so professionally.
  -  A letter of intent was recently submitted to the state, which will allow the County to be considered for Senior Center Capital Improvement Grant funds in the years 2014-2024. This will be a very competitive grant process, but may assist with the future development of a new Waldorf Senior Center, which is a Commissioner goal. Staff are exploring existing sites, so that options can be presented for Commissioners’  consideration.  A decision regarding renovation vs new construction has not yet been made.
-Thank you to all who came out in support of the recent Senior Services , Inc bingo event at the Waldorf Senior Center in September. This fundraiser was very successful & will support unmet needs of all Senior Centers in FY13.  The Greater Waldorf Jaycees will also provide a monetary donation to Senior Services to match a portion of the proceeds.  An additional bingo fundraiser is scheduled for December.
-  The ACA agreed that it would hold its regular business meeting on 12/13/12, in addition to ACA members attending the annual Jaycees Senior party on Dec 6th. Tickets will be available for those wishing to attend the 12/6 party as representatives of the ACA, to network with constituents regarding senior issues.

Unfinished business: 
-  Health Committee update:  Dr. Sanchez listed several potential issues that could be addressed at forums or presentations in 2013.  The ACA agreed to focus on colon/rectal cancer; back pain & osteoporosis; and pain management.  The Health Committee comprises Dr. Sanchez, Marise Robinson, Dina Barclay, Sonja Mahoney, and support from Kim Simonson in the Commissioner’s office.  Bill Holman also offered the support of CCNRC to assist with printing the program brochures, etc.
-  Status of FY13 Update to Area Plan:  Maurice shared a preliminary copy of this document, which was recently approved by the State Department of Aging.  Members were thanked for their input to the plan.

New business:
-  Membership/Appointments Update- There are still two vacancies on the Council following the resignation of two members in Spring 2012. Sonja Mahoney knows two people who expressed an interest and she will contact Ms. DeSoto to get them an application. 
-  Considering the Legislative Committee is not able to achieve the “Communities for a Lifetime” initiative within the appointed terms of the ACA members, and that the involvement of state officials has been rather challenging, it was decided in September that this issue, while important, will not be a specific ACA goal for FY13.  Therefore, Sonja Mahoney suggested that an Outreach Subcommittee might be helpful in planning outreach programs in 2013 that would link awareness of community and senior services and the faith community.  Several Council members indicated they would help on such a planning committee.

Community Representative announcements
-  Bill Holman, of the Charles County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center said there were some adjustments being made in staffing the new dialysis building. There are no tenants yet for the health/medical office space on the 2nd  floor, so Bill is looking into other ways to use that space. Within the dialysis center, they may be able to expand to add more dialysis time slots, as needed in the future.   
 -  Elaine Lancaster discussed a transfer station in Pinefield that will link Van Go service with Brandywine Crossing in PG County to increase commuting options for those who work & shop on Saturdays.  

-USM: Bruce Kirk of the United Seniors of Maryland reported that a new President of the USM was elected on Sept 24th to succeed the outgoing President Ted Meyerson. He also said there wasn't much action between the legislative sessions, but that everyone was encouraged to contact their legislators to discuss their concerns before the session begins.

Next meeting:  The next ACA meeting is Thurs, November 8th at 9:30AM @ the Clark Senior Center.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned by Maurice DiPoli at 10:58.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Kirk, Secretary