Charles County, Maryland

Charles County Vision 2020 Pilot Program

Charles County Vision 2020 Pilot Program

Mission Statement
To significantly reduce the number of Charles County residents, living in poverty, by the year 2020. Ten identified individuals and/or families will participate in the program each year to achieve the goal of moving out of poverty and into long term, sustainable living conditions. The mission will be accomplished by harnessing the resources and knowledge of professionals across numerous disciplines and agencies to create a blueprint for helping individuals end the cycle of poverty. The blueprint will reflect a quality of life that is healthy, financially stable, and capable of providing for family members across the life cycle by assisting participants with various aspects as it relates to health, housing, education, employment, and transportation.   

United to Make a Difference- How you can help!
Join the Charles County Government as a contributing partner to the Vision 2020 Pilot Program.  Together, we can help Charles County families find their path to success and bring an end to the cycle of poverty. To learn how you can help, please call 301-934-0100, or 301-870-3388, ext. 5100. 

Program Focus Areas

  • To increase knowledge of and access to healthcare resources and availability in an effort to empower participants to be more active at home and within their community.
  • To eliminate public health concerns by providing access to indoor plumbing.


  • To aid in the creation of sustainable, safe, and stable housing with adequate water and plumbing.


  • To facilitate the improvement of literacy skills, promote access to workforce training, and higher education in order to obtain gainful employment, manage daily family functions, and assist their children to succeed in school.


  • To assist in navigating through barriers to employment so that participants obtain sustainable employment that will serve to support them/their families and bolster their sense of pride.


  • To connect residents to regular and safe transportation to ensure that residents are able to meet their basic health, educational, employment, and familial needs on a daily basis.

Program Eligibility
To be considered for the Charles County Vision 2020 Pilot Program you must meet the Income Eligibility Guidelines published by the Department of Health and Human Services. These same guidelines are used by State agencies in determining the income eligibility of persons applying to participate in federal and state assistance programs. Special consideration may be granted to those above the income limit based on their demonstration of need.  For current Eligibility Guidelines please contact our office.

Contact Us
For more information please call 301-934-0100.

Empowering Charles County Families