Charles County, Maryland



This main EnerGov page and its subpages will act as the information area for all items dealing with EnerGov during this transition period.  Updates to these pages will be made regularly throughout the next few months to inform applicants of any new changes, electronic submittal requirements, provide assistance through user guides and tutorials, contact information, new applications, fillable forms and supporting documents required for application. For a list of the latest updates, please click on the EnerGov News link located under departments links on the left.

On October 22, 2018, Planning and Growth Management (PGM) implemented a new electronic permitting system called EnerGov.  This new system brings with it electronic permit and plan submittal through the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal.  This portal allows for electronic application and submittal, as well as electronic status review, resubmittal, payments and inspection requests.

Access to this portal can be found here, as well as on any of PGM's or EnerGov's web pages under related links.  The user guide for the CSS portal can be found here

Another change that took place on October 22, 2018, is the separation of sections in regards to application acceptance.  The Permits Center will no longer accept any Plan application (Preliminary plans, Board of Appeals (Non Conforming Uses, Special Exceptions or Variances), Site Development plans or Forest Conservation plans) or any Development Services Permits/Stormwater Management plans. The permits center will continue to accept Building permits and Miscellaneous permits (sign, fence, deck, garage, shed/pole barn, etc..). Questions regarding applications for these items should be directed to their sections.