Charles County, Maryland

EMS Billing

EMS Billing

Sherry Herd
EMS Billing Coordinator 301-609-3403

EMS Billing Fees

Dear Charles County Residents, 

        Using a “service first” philosophy, the Charles County Government strives to provide the best emergency medical services (EMS) and care possible to its residents and visitors. Our personnel, training, equipment, and professionalism enable us to give you around-the-clock quality emergency medical care. We do it with competence, compassion, and an intense sense of duty to the people we serve.

        To provide this first class Emergency Medical Service the County began a transport billing policy for Advanced Life Support (ALS) which began on July 1, 2005.   Unfortunately, it’s not easy to keep providing this robust service as we are facing increasing resource demands and decreasing operational funding due to the current fiscal constraints.  Therefore beginning on July 1st, 2009 Charles County will begin billing for both basic and advanced life support transports.
 We want residents to know, without fail, that no one will ever be denied service because of ability to pay or for lack of health insurance. When residents need emergency assistance, we want them to call 9-1-1 without hesitation.

        Our billing program is based on concern for the medical and financial health of our county residents. We have designed this program to minimize the out-of-pocket costs for county residents. Uninsured residents will be treated with compassion and provided with options to ensure financial hardship is avoided. There will be no charge for emergency medical care treatment if the patient is not transported.

        The demands on our EMS resources dedicated to our residents and visitors continue to grow, in recognition of the needs of the people we serve we believe it best to institute this billing program to continue providing world class services.  Our commitment to you is providing the best EMS care possible period. We are proud and privileged to do so.

EMS Billing Documents

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Charles County Department of Emergency Services, EMS Division to provide superior quality emergency medical support to the citizens of Charles County, Maryland and requesting jurisdictions.

Vision Statement

With well-trained, capable and professional personnel; The Charles County Department of Emergency Services, EMS Division will provide the best premium quality of preventative and emergency care in the fastest, most efficient and cost effective manor possible to the citizens of Charles County, Maryland and requesting jurisdictions. It is the goal of the Charles County Emergency Services, EMS Division to be at the vanguard of pre-hospital emergency care.