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LIVE Cat Cam!

LIVE Cat Cam!

Tri-County Animal Shelter Announcements

November is "Adopt a Senior Animal Month
Adopt a Senior Animal Month
During the month of November, any shelter animal 5 years and older will be available for a reduced adoption fee. Senior dogs are available for $25 and senior cats for $10. Senior animals make great pets and there are many benefits when adopting a senior pet. 
  • Personalities are already developed so you can tell right away if they will be a good fit for your family.  
    • Even things like their size, energy level, and health status are already established so you know exactly what to expect with your new pet. 
      • Older animals tend to be already housebroken. 
        • Most of the time, they are calmer than their younger counterparts. 
          • They don't need as much time exercising. 
            • They are content to lie around the house and enjoy your company. 
            Senior pets are devoted, and very grateful for what you give them. They have so much love and compassion to share, and they make the most amazing companions. 
            Come adopt an older, gentler soul today. 
Black Fur Day is Coming
Avoid the midnight madness on Black Friday.
Instead, come to the Tri-County Animal Shelter to celebrate Black Fur-day . . . Nov. 23-25 and 28. Black dogs and cats often take longer to get adopted because their fur can be thought as plain-looking or they do not appear as friendly as lighter-colored pets. To disprove these myths, we are showcasing our furry friends with a reduced adoption fee. For any animal whose coat is 75 percent black, we will reduce the adoption fee by 75 percent.
Dog adoptions will be $31.25, and cat adoptions will be $21.25. Adopting a new family member is a big decision so bring the entire family in to help decide.
Just a reminder, the shelter will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 26 and Friday, Nov. 27 for the Thanksgiving holiday.  
Tags and Licensing Are Required

Keep identification tags on your pet...it could be your pets ticket to get back home. Both dogs and cats need ID. Be sure your animals wear a collar with an ID tag, a county license, and rabies tag. Also, don't forget to microchip your animal. Keep your personal information with the microchip company up to date. These identifiers could help your neighbor return your animal to you instead of taking him to the animal shelter. Dogs in Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's Counties must have county license. To obtain a pet license you must have a current rabies vaccine for your pet.

Why You Should Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Curb pet overpopulation and make your pet healthier.

The decision to spay or neuter your pet is an important one for pet owners. But it can be the single best decision you make for his long-term welfare.

Getting your pet spayed or neutered can:

  • Reduce the number of homeless pets killed
  • Improve your pet's health
  • Reduce unruly behavior
  • Save on the cost of pet care

The Tri-County Animal Shelter is always in need of the following items:

Blankets,Towels, Laundry detergent, Trash bags, Hard rubber toys,

Dry and canned dog and cat food,

Kitten and puppy food, Treats


Paper supplies

Tri-County Animal Shelter also welcomes your financial gift donation. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Tri-County Animal Shelter. Funds can be mailed to:

Tri- County Animal Shelter
6707 Animal Shelter Rd.
Hughesville, MD. 20637

Do You Want To Help The Animals?

The Tri-County Animal Shelter is always in need of volunteers. Our volunteers assist our kennel attendants with cleaning cages, laundry, dishes, and general housekeeping of the shelter. Some volunteers walk dogs and bathe animals. Volunteers must be at least 14 years old. Call the shelter to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Loving adoptive homes needed.

The shelter is always looking for loving homes for their animals. Please come adopt today! Our adoption hours are Monday through Friday 12-5 and Saturday 10-3. Hope to see you soon!

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