Charles County, Maryland

Budget Division

Budget Division

Jenifer Ellin
Acting Chief of Budget

The Budget Division is responsible for the development of the annual budget and 5 year CIP plan for approval by the County Commissioners, and for the monitoring of expenditures and revenues throughout the year.

FY15 Operating Budget Calendar
FY15 Capital Improvement Progam Budget Calendar

      General Fund
      Budget Overview
      Revenue Detail
      Department Detail
      Capital Outlay
      New Operating/Capital
      New Positions

      Capital Improvement Program - Governmental
       FY15-FY19 Governmental Capital Improvement Program Summary
       FY15-FY19 Governmental Capital Improvement Program Projects

      Enterprise Funds - Operating & Capital 
       Inspections and Review
       Environmental Services
       Water and Sewer
       FY15-FY19 Water and Sewer Capital Improvement Program
       Watershed Protection and Restoration


Approved Fees & Charges
Salaries by Position

CIP Quarterly Monitoring Report
Interim Budget Report

BUDGET BOOKS                                     BUDGET IN BRIEF
FY 2014 Budget Book                               FY 2014 Budget in Brief
FY 2013 Budget Book                               FY 2013 Budget in Brief
FY 2012 Budget Book                               FY 2012 Budget in Brief
FY 2011 Budget Book                               FY 2011 Budget in Brief
FY 2010 Budget Book                               FY 2010 Budget in Brief

FY 2009 Budget Book                                           
FY 2008 Budget Book                                           
FY 2007 Budget Book                                           
FY 2006 Budget Book