Charles County, Maryland

Cable Franchise Agreements

Cable Franchise Agreements

The Charles County cable ordinance prescribes the procedures and requirements relating to cable television franchises.

Charles County Government has cable television franchise agreements with franchisees Comcast and Verizon.  Cable franchise agreements provide the franchisee the right to construct, install, maintain and operate a cable system on County Public Rights-of-Way in exchange for the franchisee's promise to provide cable service to residents of the County.  Each cable franchise agreeement details specifically in what areas cable service will be provided.

* Cable Ordinance*(Chapter 226, Cable Communications)
* Comcast Franchise Agreement
* Verizon Franchise Agreement

The County is in the process of renewing its Comcast cable television franchise agreement, which expires in June 2017. As part of the Comcast franchise renewal process, a Needs Assessment Report was developed. This report is a study of Charles County community needs and a technical review of the Comcast cable television. 

* Public Needs Assessment Report