Charles County, Maryland



Fred Shroyer
Chief of Purchasing

Charles County Government's goal is to conduct the procurement function in a professional manner and to deal with each prospective vendor, bidder, or salesperson with honesty, fairness and integrity. We recognize that the procurement process may seem complex, and we invite your questions regarding any aspect of the activities of this office. For information on current solicitations Invitation To Bid (ITB), Request For Proposal (RFP), and Request For Quote (RFQ) opportunities, please visit the Purchasing online Bid Board.  ***ONLINE BID BOARD***

Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) Program         
The SLBE Program was established in 2012 by the Charles County Commissioners to encourage a positive impact on the growth and prosperity of small local firms and the economy of Charles County by using its market power in its purchasing of goods and services to benefit these firms.  In order to qualify for the Program, businesses must first be certified in the State of Maryland's Small Business Reserve (SBR) Program, and then be certified by the Purchasing Office as a "local" business.  Once fully registered, SLBE firms are eligible for preferences in County procurement subject to the SLBE Program. 

To learn how to register, or to obtain more information about the Program, contact Lucinia Mundy, Purchasing Programs Outreach Administrator, at 301-885-1334, or MundyL@charlescountymd.gov.

Click Here to Obtain a Copy of the SLBE Application:    


To access a list of the County's SLBE firms click on this link:   SLBE DIRECTORY

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program
The MBE Program was established by the Charles County Commissioners to encourage minority business participation in the County's procurement process. The Program has an aspirational MBE participation goal of 25%. The County conducts its own MBE registration, and recognizes MBE certification by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), and Federal 8-A certification. Information concerning the Charles County Program and County registration process may be obtained by contacting Lucinia Mundy at 301-885-1334,  or MundyL@charlescountymd.gov.  

To access a list of the County's MBE firms click on this link:    MBE Directory


Who Buys For Charles County
Most purchases in excess of $1,000 are either reviewed or conducted by the Purchasing Office.

To access a list of the County's MBE firms that have been certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) program, click on this link:    MDOT Directory

How The County Buys

  • Small Purchases (up to $4,999 ) - Only one quote is required.  County Departments contact vendors directly by telephone or in writing.  Purchase orders (POs) are required for purchases over $1,000.
  • Informal Quotes (from $5,000 -$24,999) - Three informal quotes are required, if possible and practicable. Most quotes are obtained by County Departments, and are submitted to Purchasing via requisition.  Purchasing reviews the requisition, prepares and approves a PO, and forwards the PO to the Department.  The Department normally places and coordinates the order with the vendor.
  • Formal Procurement ($25,000 and over) - Invitations To Bid [ITB], Requests For Proposals [RFP], and Request For Quotation [RFQ], are posted on the County online Bid Board, eMaryland Marketplace, CCGTV, and advertised in one issue of the Maryland Independent.  The sealed Bids/Proposals/Quotes are received by Purchasing.

Bidder Check List

  • Carefully read and understand the solicitation prior to submitting your bid, proposal, or quote.  If you have questions, contact the Purchasing staff member listed in the solicitation.
  • Comply with all the instructions and conditions. Improperly completed and/or incomplete bids, proposals, and quotes may be considered "non-responsive", and  will be rejected.
  • Your bid may require a bid bond or certified bid check of bond. A money order or cashiers check may be substituted for the certified bid check of bond.
  • Ensure your bid is submitted to the Purchasing Office (Room B130) prior to the advertised bid closing time. If your bid is late, it cannot be accepted.

Price Information And Award Details
Most information relating to procurement is available upon request in accordance with the Maryland Public Information Act.  Results of formal procurement solicitations will be mailed to all bidders at time of contract award. Bidders are invited to attend formal bid openings held by the Purchasing Office at the specified time and date.

Who To Contact
You may contact County Departments directly if you know the person you need to speak with, or you may contact the Purchasing Office. If you do not know the Department point of contact, Purchasing will direct you to the appropriate individual(s). We will always try to make your contact with the County mutually productive. Any inquiries or questions regarding these procedures may be directed to the address and phone numbers listed to the right.

Vendor List
In order to be placed on our vendor list, you must fill out the standard Vendor List Application, obtainable from the Purchasing Office or the link below, indicating the types of commodities or service you provide.    ***VENDOR LIST APPLICATION***

eMaryland Marketplace
We strongly encourage you to register with eMaryland Marketplace (eMM).  eMaryland Marketplace is the State of Maryland's electronic bid board, and all County formal procurement solicitations are posted there.  When you register with eMM, you provide your email address and the commodity and services codes applicable to your business.  When we post solicitations, eMM automatically sends an email to all those businesses registered with the codes that match the commodities/services required by our solicitation.  All state of Maryland agencies and counties utilize eMM, so you will have access to those solicitations as well.  eMaryland Marketplace


Sale of Surplus County Property
Serviceable surplus County property is sold at public auction by Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA).   IAA is located at 14149 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD, 20613-3003.  For more information about IAA's monthly public auctions, and to learn how you can participate, contact them by phone at 301-372-8876, and/or view their website at https://www.iaai.com/Auctions/BranchListingView.aspx?branchCode=721