Charles County, Maryland

Zekiah Swamp Natural Environment Area

Zekiah Swamp Natural Environment Area

Zekiah Swamp is a natural greenways running the length of Charles County. Zekiah Swamp has been recognized by numerous authorities as one of the most significant ecological areas in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Zekiah Swamp is part of the Wicomico River, which is one of the nine state-designated scenic rivers. Zekiah Swamp Run is a 21-mile braided stream which connects two state properties. Cedarville State Forest, situated along the Charles County-Prince George’s County border, contains the headwater region of Zekiah Swamp. The Zekiah Swamp Natural Environment Area in southern Charles County is located at the stream’s confluence with the Wicomico River. Private landholdings between these two parcels, while not available for public access, are largely undeveloped.