Charles County, Maryland

Codes, Permits and Inspection Services (CPIS)

Codes, Permits and Inspection Services (CPIS)

Ray Shumaker
The Codes, Permits & Inspection Services division provides services relating to engineering, construction, planning and inspection services for a variety of projects built within Charles County. These types of projects include residential, commercial, industrial and institutional, as well as Code Enforcement efforts for compliance with Zoning, Building, engineering and environmental ordinances..

The mission of the division is to protect the health and safety of the citizenry by ensuring the quality and integrity of the County’s housing stock and infrastructure, promoting economic development by maintaining the quality of commercial construction and prompt review of permit documents.  This division ensures proper enforcement of zoning and forest conservation measures as well as all other laws and codes established to implement these goals. 

Codes, Permits and Inspection Services Organizational Chart