Charles County, Maryland

2016 PGM Public Notices

2016 PGM Public Notices

These notices are listed in numerical order by notice number.



16-01Superior Design - Definitions, Benchmark Guidance and Clarifying Criteria1/20/2016
16-022015 IECC Residential Training2/04/2016
16-03Clarification of Resubmission Fee (Re-entry/Re-assigning) for Final Plat Application Reference Information3/14/2016
16-04Required Open Space Calculation for Cluster Subdivisions - Effective April 11, 20163/22/2016
16-05Stormwater Management Summary Sheet & Notice of Construction Completion Form5/04/2016
16-06Conveyance of Facilities Not Dedicated to Public Use Effective 5/20/2016
16-07Clarification of Maintenance and Access Agreement, Homeowner Association (HOA) Documents5/20/2016
16-08Expiration of SWM Administrative Waivers5/19/2016
16-09Single & Multiple Lot Inspection and Maintenance of Private On-site Stormwater Mangement Facilities Agreement Declaration of Covenants Form6/13/2016
(Revised 9/14/2016)
16-10Standard Unit Price List6/24/2016
16-11Planning Commission 2017 Meeting Schedule10/19/2016
16-12Board of Appeals 2017 Meeting Schedule10/27/2016
16-13Expiration of SWM Administrative Waivers - Third Party Inspections11/09/2016
16-14Historic Preservation Commission 2017 Meeting and Production Schedule12/20/2016
16-15Board of Appeals Meeting & Production Schedule for 201712/23/2016