Charles County, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Update

Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Update

Why are we updating the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Program?
Charles County’s Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Program was last revised and adopted in June of 2001. Title 8, Subtitle 18, Section 09 of Maryland’s Code of Regulations requires local jurisdictions to review their Programs and propose necessary amendments at least every six (6) years. As such, the process to review and update the Charles County Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Program was initiated in March of 2007.

What is the focus of the update?
Charles County’s Critical Area Regulations are currently contained in two separate documents – the Charles County Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Program and the regulatory provisions contained in Article IX of the Charles County Zoning Regulations, also referred to as the Critical Area Ordinance. One of the goals of the 2007 update is to combine these two sets of regulations into a single ordinance document which will replace the current provisions in Article IX of the Zoning Regulations.

Additional updates to the Program consist of changes identified during implementation of the regulations over the past six years, clarification of certain requirements and language in the Plan, and changes mandated during the Maryland General Assembly’s 2006 and 2007 sessions. Areas of focus for the update include:

  • Definitions;
  • Buffer provisions;
  • Buffer exempt areas;
  • Density requirements;
  • Reforestation requirements;
  • Site plan requirements;
  • Fee-in-lieu; and,
  • Shore erosion control policies.

How can I get more information or become involved?
1. Participate in upcoming public hearings. Announcements will be posted on the County’s web site and in the local paper.

2. Want More Information? Please contact the Countys Critical Area Planner at (301) 645-0540 or planning@charlescounty.org.

Project Schedule (Tentative):*

Fall 2009-Spring 2011 Planning Commission Public Meetings and Work Session
Fall 2011 County Commissioner Public Hearing and Work Session
Spring 2012 Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Commission Approval
Summer 2012 County Commissioner Final Approval

*This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

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