Charles County, Maryland

How the County Restores Streams & Retrofits SWM Facilities

How the County Restores Streams & Retrofits SWM Facilities

Construction Projects 

The Capital Services (CS) Division within the Department of Planning and Growth Management leads and manages the County’s stream restoration, shoreline erosion control, and SWM retrofit and septic connection to sewer projects. CS coordinates with planners in the Planning Division and engineers in the Codes, Permits, and Inspections Services Division throughout the watershed restoration process which includes five (5) phases:

Phase 1 – Selection of prioritized projects from TMDL Restoration Plan
Phase 2 – Design                                     
Phase 3 – Construction
Phase 4 – Completion Inspection
Phase 5 – Monitoring and/or triennial inspection

Maintenance Projects

The County administers various maintenance programs that help restore and protect the water quality of the County’s waterway including:

  • Septic Pump-Out Reimbursement Program - within the Planning Division within the Department of Planning and Growth Management.  The County receives credits toward meeting Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) goals through the program. 
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Program inspects and eliminates potential illicit discharges to the County’s storm drain system. 
  • Inlet Cleaning
  • Street Sweeping – street sweeping reduces debris and organic waste from entering streams and other waterways

Volunteer Projects

Watershed health increases when landowners and community groups take a vested interest in improving and protecting water quality.  Homeowners and community groups perform a variety of projects including:

  • Homeowner BMP installation (rain barrels, rain gardens, permeable pavers)
  • Tree Planting
  • Watershed clean-ups
  • Grant projects