Charles County, Maryland

Septic System Pump-out Reimbursement Program

Septic System Pump-out Reimbursement Program

Charles County Government, Dept. of Planning and Growth Management is tasked with developing and implementing programs and actions to meet nutrient load reduction targets set in the County’s Phase II Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) Strategy.  The WIP strategy recommended pumping out 20% of the County’s septic systems on an annual basis to help meet the WIP nutrient pollution reduction goals.  The County has developed a septic pump-out reimbursement program to encourage residents to pump out their septic systems every 3 to 5 years.  Pumping of septic systems is recommended to maintain the effectiveness and longevity of the system and provides a reduction of nutrient leaching over time.

The reimbursement program will be structured around an application process.  Residents will fill out the application; attach the contractor’s receipt and mail to the County.  Residents will include their property location, to verify which reimbursement rate the system qualifies for.  The reimbursement rates are below:

  • 50% of the pump-out cost for septic systems located in Charles County.
  • 75% of the pump-out cost for septic systems located within the critical area of Charles County.

Once the pump-out receipt, proof of payment, and property location are verified, a check will be mailed out to the resident.   Properties with a septic system are eligible once every 3 years for reimbursement of system pump-outs.

or you can view, print, and mail a paper application here.

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