Charles County, Maryland

Stormwater BMPs and Facility Inspection & Maintenance

Stormwater BMPs and Facility Inspection & Maintenance

Stormwater Management (SWM) Best Management Practices (BMPs)/Stormwater Facilities

Stormwater Management BMPs, or SWM facilities, are implemented to:

  • Slow or absorb stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces, like roads, rooftops, parking areas, and driveways.
  • Remove pollutants from the runoff

If they are functioning correctly, stormwater BMPs help slow down stormwater and remove pollutants before the water is discharged into local streams. 

Stormwater Facility Inspections & Maintenance

Maryland State law and the MS4 permit require the County to perform inspections of all Environmental Site Design (ESD) treatment practices and structural SWM facilities/BMPs at the time of construction.  The County is also required to perform preventative or routine maintenance inspections at least every three (3) years.  There are over 4,000 devices located throughout Charles County.  Inspections determine if devices are functioning as designed, and if any maintenance or repair is required.  Routine maintenance can help prevent structural failures, which can be costly. 

Examples of routine maintenance:

Grass cutting 
Trash removal 
Vegetation management
Stabilizing areas of minor erosion

Structural Maintenance/Repair:

Repair of damaged or broken control structures.
Repair/replace damaged inlet and outlet channels, pipes, or trash racks.
Replacement of corroded metal pipes.

Who is responsible for Maintenance?

Type of Facility

Maintenance Responsibility

Residential SWM Facility/BMPStructural and non-structural maintenance is the responsibility of the landowner for privately owned lots and the Homeowner Association (HOA) for community owned properties.  
Nonresidential SWM Facility/BMP Structural and non-structural maintenance is the responsibility of the landowner on commercial properties.  
Local Government SWMStructural and non-structural maintenance is the responsibility of the County on County properties and roadways.
State Roads SWMStructural and nonstructural maintenance is the responsibility of State Highway Administration (SHA) on state roads.

SWM Facilities/BMP Maintenance Sheets:

Environmental Site Design (ESD) devices

Aboveground Facilities

Belowground Facilities

  • Underground Storage Structures
  • Underground Sand Filters
  • Underground Flow Splitters
  • Proprietary Underground Filtering Facilities
  • Underground Hydrodynamic Separators