Charles County, Maryland

Resource and Infrastructure Management (RIM)

Resource and Infrastructure Management (RIM)

Jason Groth

Welcome to the Division of Resource and Infrastructure Management. Our staff is your resource for the planning and coordination of public infrastructure related to water supply, sewage conveyance and disposal, the allocation of public school capacity to development, and transportation facilities and amenities. Additional services we provide include map production services to the general public as well as County Departments. Our office assists residents, visitors, and other interested parties with public infrastructure information, short and long term planning of public facilities, development analysis and assessment, and implementation of the County's regulatory process for the development of infrastructure. Our staff also provides the creation and production of map documents upon request.
It is our pleasure to provide the information and documents to our customers through this website. However, if you don't find what you need, please contact us to see how we can meet your needs.
Sincere Regards,
Jason Groth, Chief of Resource and Infrastructure Management

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