Charles County, Maryland

6 PM Public Hearing: Hughesville Village Zoning District.

Public Notices

6 PM Public Hearing: Hughesville Village Zoning District.

Public Hearing Date: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 6:00pm
Commissioners Office
Type of Notice: 
Public Notice
Date Posted: 
Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 8:58am


The Charles County Commissioners will conduct a Public Hearing on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., in the County Commissioners' Meeting Room of the Charles County Government Building, La Plata, Maryland, to consider Zoning Text Amendment #17-145 and Zoning Map Amendment #17-55, newly numbered, respectively, as Bill #2017-07 and Bill # 2017-08, both titled Hughesville Village Zoning District.

Hughesville Village Zoning District

ZTA #17-145 /Bill #2017-07 & ZMA #17-55/Bill #2017-08

Bill #2017-07 amends Chapter 297, Sections 49, 75, 99, 102, 298, 301, Article X Figure X-1, Article XIII, Article XVIII, Article XXII, and adds Chapter 297 Appendix Q-Hughesville Streetscape Project Corridor, for the purpose of amending the Zoning Ordinance to add a new Hughesville Village Zone (HV), consisting of four Sub-Zones, with amendments. It establishes permissible uses, residential densities, base zone development regulations and conditional development criteria associated with the Hughesville Village Zone (HV). Bill #2017-08 amends the Zoning Maps, removing certain zoned properties and replacing it with a new and amended Hughesville Village Zoning District boundary (Sub-Zones Hughesville Village Core (HVC), Hughesville Village Gateway (HVG), Hughesville Village Employment (HVE), and Hughesville Village Residential (HVR)) in accordance with the Hughesville Village Zoning text within the Zoning Ordinance; and removes the Highway Corridor Zoning District from certain properties along Old Leonardtown Road.

Citizens wishing to make oral or written comments are encouraged to attend the hearing. Those individuals or representatives of groups wishing to speak must sign in. Speaker sign-up will begin 30 minutes (½ hour) prior to the hearing and will end at the commencement of the hearing.  Each speaker will be allotted three (3) minutes to speak.  Written comments may be submitted in lieu of oral testimony, or to expand upon oral testimony, to Danielle Mitchell, Clerk to the County Commissioners, at publicrecord@charlescountymd.gov, or to P.O. 2150, La Plata, Maryland 20646. Written comments will be accepted until the Commissioners close the public record. The County Commissioners reserve the right to extend the time frame allotted for the public hearing. Bill #2017-07 and #2017-08 are available for review in the County Commissioners Office in the County Government Building.


Peter F. Murphy, President

Those citizens with special needs please contact Danielle Mitchell at voice phone number (301) 645-0554 or Maryland Relay Service TDD 1-800-735-2258.

In the event that the notified meeting is canceled due to inclement weather or acts of nature beyond the control of the County, all items scheduled to be discussed or heard at the meeting shall be rescheduled.