Charles County, Maryland

Capital Services

Capital Services

John H. Stevens

The Capital Services Division’s mission is to provide project oversight of Capital Improvement Projects assigned to the Planning & Growth Management Department to ensure feasible and cost effective designs and construction for the enrichment of the lives of the citizens of Charles County. 

The Capital Services Division maintains a core staff of experienced Right of Way Agents, Project Managers, and Administrative support personnel whose primary responsibility is to focus on ensuring project success through effective management and coordination with engineers, contractors, and regulatory authorities while working in conjunction with the County's Planning Division, Resource and Infrastructure Management Division, and the Department of Public Works to forecast long range capital project needs. Right of Way agents on staff provide property acquisition services to facilitate Capital Improvement project for the Planning and Growth Management Department as well as other County departments.

The Capital Services Division overall objective is to provide the citizens of Charles County with cost efficient and safe infrastructure and resources for the betterment of our community.   If there is construction underway in Charles County that is not related to commercial or residential development, chances are it’s the County’s Capital Services Division at work.

Best Regards,

John Stevens, Chief of Capital Services

Capital Services Organizational Chart

Division Management Staff

Administrative Associate
Doremus Jenkins

Water and Sewer Program Manager
Charles Strawberry

ROW Agent II
Diane Shelton

Transportation Program Manager
Art Swann