Charles County, Maryland

Dogwood Drive Drainage Improvements

Dogwood Drive Drainage Improvements

The stormwater infrastructure in the Pinefield neighborhood is aging and is in need of repair and/or upgrade.  The capacity of the stormwater drainage sewers along Dogwood Drive cannot handle the peak flows that are generated during heavy rain events from the highly residential watershed in upland areas.  Because of this stormwater conveyance issue, Charles County Department of Public Works (DPW) has made repairs to sinkholes along the roads and shoulders that resulted from deterioration of the storm sewer pipes along Dogwood Drive.  

The Charles County Department of Planning and Growth Management (PGM) through a study performed by the Baltimore District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Planning Division identified the stormwater-related flood risk in this community and developed a stormwater improvement plan to address the flooding issues.

Army Corps of Engineers Study
Video Inspection Report


Manhole Connecting to 72 Inch Pipe Intersection Holly LaneLooking North
Looking North Roadway Patch Over 72 Inch Pipe Looking North Approx. 50 Yards South of Existing ManholeLooking North to Holly Lane
Dogwood Drive Culvert 1 Dogwood Drive Culvert 2Dogwood Drive Culvert 3