Charles County, Maryland

Recycling Cart

Recycling Cart

Materials Accepted Curbside • Every-Other-Week • Year-Round

  • Aluminum and Tin Cans
  • Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Plastic Bottles and Jugs (lids and labels are fine)
  • Newspapers, White Papers, Magazines, Glossy Inserts, Telephone Books, and Flattened Cardboard. (Flattened cardboard must be no larger than 4 feet by 4 feet.)  

All items can be mixed together and placed loosely in your cart or bagged using large clear or transparent bags.  Place overflow in large, clear plastic bags and set next to your cart for collection.  

Not all recyclable items are accepted in your recycling cart. Only the select items listed above can be sorted at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Styrofoam and plastic film are just two recyclable materials not accepted. Grocery and department stores accept plastic bags for recycling. Please watch Ziploc's video to learn why plastic bags and plastic film are not acceptable for single stream recycling. Visit A Bag's Life for details about recycling plastic bags and other plastic films.

Items not accepted include bulk items, ceramics, diapers, electronics, food waste, formed boxes, light bulbs (fluorescent, compact fluorescent, and traditional), mirrors, paint cans, plastic bags, styrofoam, textiles, toys, and trash. Contaminated oil and antifreeze containers are not recyclable. No opaque (black, brown, or white) trash bags (Driver must be able to verify contents of the bag are recyclable). Recycling will not be collected from black or white trash bags. 

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