Charles County, Maryland

Hints & Checklists

Hints & Checklists

A major winter storm can be dangerous. Preparing for cold weather conditions and responding to them effectively can reduce the dangers caused by storms. Weather conditions during the winter season will be continuously monitored by the Charles County Department of Public Works to keep them alert for hazardous conditions


  • Be familiar with the National Weather Service Winter Storm Warnings Terminology.
  • Service your snow removal equipment and have rock salt, cat litter or sand available to generate temporary traction.
  • Make sure you have sufficient heating fuel (oil, propane, gas).
  • Winterize your home. Insulate walls and attic, caulk, weather strip doors, install storm windows.
  • Have safe emergency heating equipment available, (fireplace with amply dry firewood, portable space/kerosene heaters).
  • Keep pipes from freezing; know how to shut off all water valves.
  • Install and/or check smoke detectors; check batteries.
  • Have disaster supplies on hand in case power goes out; flashlight, extra batteries, battery-operated radio, first-aid kit, one-week supply of food and essential medicine, fresh bottled water, non-electric can opener, extra blankets, fire extinguisher.
  • Develop an emergency family communication plan in case family members are separated (childcare, school, work).
  • Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as a family contact especially after an advertised storm. This is extremely helpful for elderly family members.