Charles County, Maryland



Stephen Staples
Chief of Roads

The Roads Division is committed to providing users of County roads with the best possible service and public safety through the maintenance and improvements of this system.


Drainage & Culvert Pipes

The initial installation of a driveway/culvert pipe is up to the property owner/developer, after that the County will maintain them within the right of way.

If you need maintenance or replacement of a drainage/culvert pipe call 301-932-3450.

Pothole Repairs

Call 1-800-595-7623 to report a pothole.

The pothole location will be placed on the assignment sheet for the repair crew and the problem will be addressed as soon as possible.

Traffic & Street Signs

All traffic regulating and street signs are maintained by the County. If you see one that needs to be replaced call 301-932-3450.

New streets names are designated through the Planning & Growth Management Department. They can be contacted by calling 301-645-0618, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm.

Report a Traffic Safety Concern

traffic safety



Streetlights are installed and maintained by private property owners, subdivisions and local municipalities and any concerns should be addressed to those specific entities.

Special safety lighting for intersections, railroad crossings and the like will be considered on a case-by-case basis through Planning & Growth Management. They can be reached by calling 301-645- 0618.


Sidewalk Repair

Roads Division staff perform annual sidewalk inspections county-wide and prioritize repairs based on safety risks that may be posed to the public. The condition rating guidelines we follow rate sidewalks in the following prioritization:

  • Priority 1—Missing concrete panel, lifted panel 2" or higher
  • Priority 2—Concrete panels lifted 1/2" to 2" high
  • Priority 3—Concrete panels with heavy cracking, delamination or spaulding