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Jacob Dyer
Chief of Budget

The Charles County budget is the annual financial blueprint of the board of commissioners priorities to balance available resources with the service needs of our residents. You can view the various parts of the budget process by using the links shown below.

How is the Budget Developed

Watch the informational video that shows the process that Charles County Government uses to develop a budget ready for adoption.

  • FY2020 Budget

    July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020

  • FY20 Budget Book

    Budget in Brief

    Adopted Fees and Charges

    Capital Improvement Program Quarterly Monitoring Report

    Salaries by Position

    FY20 Interim Report

  • FY2021 Budget

    July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021

  • Budget Calendars

  • Budget Articles, News Releases & More

    Commissioners Adopt Fiscal 2020 Budget

    Video Highlights Charles County Budget Process

    Your Tax Dollar at Work

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who decides how county money is spent?
    The County Administrator is responsible for the development and administration of the budget, which is reviewed and approved by the Board of Commissioners.

    How is the budget developed?
    The County Administrator works with departments to develop a proposed budget that is presented to the Board of Commissioners in April. A public hearing is held in late spring prior to budget adoption. The Board of Commissioners adopts a proposed budget to have a spending plan in place before the fiscal year begins on July 1. As required by State law, budget adoption must occur by June 30. The final budget is published by the Department of Fiscal and Administrative Services and is available online as a PDF file that can be downloaded.

    What is the general fund?
    The general fund is the largest operating fund of Charles County Government. The general fund is used to account for financial transactions associated with government services, which are not legally required to be accounted for in a special fund, or are not part of self-supporting operations, which are called enterprise funds.

  • Additional Information

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How Does Charles County Create a Budget?

Commissioners Adopt the FY2020 Budget