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What We're Doing

What We're Doing

Last updated 6/25/2019.

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Charles County Government employees and outside agencies met with CTC on June 6 to kick off the broadband strategic planning process.

We are currently developing a broadband strategic plan, which will outline the most feasible solutions for various areas in the County. For example, a solution that works best for Nanjemoy may be different than the one for Charlotte Hall.

We are collecting data to develop accurate maps of exactly where service is and isn't throughout the County. We created a questionnaire that will allow us to better pinpoint these areas. To date we have received approximately 950 responses. The more information we can collect, the better our maps can be. The online questionnaire can be accessed at www.charlescountymd.gov/internetaccess. For a paper copy, please contact BroadbandTaskForce@charlescountymd.gov

We also continue to research and monitor federal and state grant opportunities that may help fund broadband expansion.

Other highlights include:

Spring 2019

  • Signed a contract with CTC Technology & Energy, who will help us develop the Charles County Broadband Strategic Plan. CTC has worked with several other counties in Maryland to develop plans to bring broadband to rural areas. Charles County Government was awarded a grant by the Governor's Office of Rural Broadband, which will provide for half the cost of developing our broadband strategic plan. 
  • Held a workshop with CTC and key stakeholders from Charles County Government and outside agencies, including Charles County Board of Education, Charles County Public Library, Charles County Sheriff's Office, SMECO, College of Southern Maryland, Towns of Indian Head and La Plata, and the Governor's Office. This workshop brought everyone to the same table to discuss the County's plan for extending broadband to the rural areas and how each entity can contribute towards that goal.
  • Began a series of meetings with CTC representatives and various County representatives in order for CTC to gather data and information about the County. 
  • Provided update to the Commissioners on April 30, which can be viewed in the CCGTV Digital Library. The presentation begins at 21:00.
  • Attended a two-day workshop on the USDA ReConnect Program, which provides funds for the specific costs associated with providing broadband service in eligible rural areas. The workshop allowed potential applicants to gain a stronger understanding of the application process and stringent program requirements.