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Charles County, Maryland

Photo of the Week Program

Photo of the Week Program

Please read the following rules before you submit your entry to the Charles County Government’s Photo of the Week program. This is not a contest. All entries that follow the guidelines below will be accepted. Any and all entries that do not comply with the rules will be deleted.


  1. Only digital images are acceptable. Submit digital photos by e-mail to in JPEG format. Photos should be attached to the e-mail versus inserted into the body of the e-mail.
  2. Your full name and a brief description of the photo must be included.
  3. Save your digital photos as JPEG files at a minimum size of 800 pixels wide or at least 4 inches wide at 200 DPI. Photos larger than this are acceptable. Save the JPEG image file at a good or high quality setting.
  4. Do not submit images that are digitally altered beyond the necessary dodging, burning, cropping, color balancing, and sharpening. We are assuming that your digital image reflects what your camera recorded at the moment you released the shutter.
  5. All images must be the work of the author submitting the photo.
  6. All images provided may be used to promote Charles County through Charles County Government; although copyright will remain with the author and you will be given full credit.
  7. Each week the Charles County Government Media Office will choose a random image to be posted online at Images will also be posted on the Charles County Government’s Facebook and Flickr pages.
  8. Photos will remain online at for approximately seven days. Photos will remain permanently on the Charles County Government Facebook and Flickr pages.
  9. In the event recognizable people appear in your photograph, you must be prepared to provide the Photo Release Form signed by those people, authorizing our release of the photograph (see below).
  10. In the event the photograph is taken on private property, you must be prepared to provide the Photo Release Form signed by the owners of the property, authorizing our publication of the photograph (see below).
  11. Charles County Government will not consider a photograph that it identifies as obscene, provocative, or otherwise containing objectionable content - nude photography is prohibited. Charles County Government will not allow images of a graphic and/or sexual content.
  12. By the act of emailing a photo, you automatically grant to Charles County Government the right to publish the photo on the website at and the Charles County Government Facebook and Flickr pages at no cost to Charles County Government. You further warrant that you are the sole creator and owner of the photo and own the rights to enter the photo in the Photo of the Week program. Individual photographers will retain all copyrights to their own work.

These rules may be updated/changed periodically. Please review on a regular basis.