March 2019 |

Charles County, Maryland

March 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Call to Order: Meeting began at 9:40am

Attendees: President Kenny Gordon, Linda Stansbury, Lisa Furlow, Kumiah Harrison, Betsy Keesler.  Roy Naraine arrived during Question and Answer session.

There was not a quorum in attendance.

Communication: Kenny Gordon distributed a note received from Pat Sanchez, and forwarded by Maurice DiPoli, thanking the Board for their kindness to her husband as a member of the Board.

Commissioner Report:  None

Area Agency on Aging Report: Lisa Furlow

  • Waldorf Senior and Recreational Center: New walls and lights are up. Work is beginning on the kitchen.Furniture has been ordered.Anticipate a July or August opening.It is beginning to look like a center with the rooms and flow being visible.Anticipate a grand opening, possibly in September.

New Business:

  • Ben Watkins has resigned his position on the Council.

  • Carlos Childs has resigned his position on the Council.

  • Mention of the fact that we are now down to 7 members and what efforts we are making to get new members (posting vacancy announcement in senior centers, running a notice in the Scoop, forwarding to possible interested parties)

  • Kenny indicated he was going to check in with Ms. Coates to see if she might be able to attend one of our future meetings.

OLD Business:

  • Senior Center visits

    • February-Clark Center

    • March – Indian Head, 100 Cornwallis Square, Indian Head

    • April – Nanjemoy Senior Center, 4375 Port Tobacco Road, Nanjemoy, MD

    • May – Waldorf Senior Center


Meeting Adjourned at 9:55 to hold meeting with seniors on issues of interest to them.



March 14, 2019

            Lisa Furlow addressed the attendees and introduced the Area Council on Aging.  She gave a synopsis of the mission of the Board and mentioned that there are currently vacancies.  Each member identified him/herself and spoke briefly about their membership on the Board.

  • One of the first things the seniors wanted to mention was to commend the ladies who drive the Van Go busses for their compassion and helpfulness.

  • The lack of a bus stop at the Bryans Road Senior Apartments was mentioned.It is difficult to get to the nearest Van Go stop by walking.Wondered if it would be possible to have a stop at the apartments and go to the Food Lion which is almost across the street.

  • At the Indian Head Apartments, there is no elevator and stairs are difficult for residents.There are 16 apartments upstairs and some sort of access besides the stairs needs to be available.Perhaps an outside elevator?

  • Prior to the meeting Lisa had received a question about why there is no inspection of Senior apartments.Lisa explained that there are inspections, but if an apartment, or complex is privately owned, the government cannot inspect them.Inspections are done on all housing that is subject to a voucher.The seniors mentioned that the management of the complex used to inspect them but the current management does not.

  • The seniors asked why the center there at Indian Head could not be made larger (it is currently one large multi-purpose room with a small conference room in the back).Lisa explained that there are several reasons for the lack of ability to expand.First the building has been designated an Historic Building (it used to be the old post office) and the Historic Society has rules concerning expansions and is currently not in favor of making it larger.Also, the Town of Indian Head owns the building, not the county.

  • This engendered a discussion of the possibility of moving the center to another location.Possibly the old Safeway or CVS buildings, both of which are currently vacant.This would likely involve the mayor and citizens of Indian Head and would depend on who owns the buildings currently.
  • There was a discussion about the Van Go services and types of services available.Also mention was made that there are no real services available if you have to go out of the county.Example given, a doctor appointment in Laurel.Also mentioned the unreliability of arrival of Van Go transportation.