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Charles County, Maryland

Animal Matters Hearing Board

Tuesday, December 15, 2015




Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The regularly scheduled meeting of the Animal Control Board for Charles County, Maryland, was convened by the Chairman at 6:30 p.m. in the County Commissioners Meeting Room, Charles County Government Building, with the following Board members in attendance.


Andrew Parker, Chairman

Amanda Foreman, Vice Chair

Sean Brown

William Van Blarcum

Kristin Lake

Carl Blumenstein

Maria Padgett

Melody Miles Haynes, County Attorney

Maria Team, Clerk


A quorum was declared based upon the presence of a majority of the appointed Board Members.



The minutes of the Animal Matters Hearing Board for November 3, 2015 were approved and adopted. 


            Citation No. 6536 – issued to Ronald Kilinski, for the alleged violation of Section 230.12, Section 230.12.4 (A) and Section 230.12.6.C of the Charles County Animal Regulations.  Mr. Kilinski was present at the hearing and not represented by counsel.  Testimony was heard from Officer Alison Budd and Mr. Kilinski.  Entered into evidence was a copy of the Boards previous minutes, marked County Ex. 1 and a receipt for boarding and reclaim fees from Tri-County Animal Shelter in the amount of $440.00, marked County Ex. 2. Officer Budd advised the Board that Mr. Kilinski’s dog “Stryker” has been impounded many times before. Mr. Kilinki stated that he does not know how the dog is getting out except that he has people coming in and out of his house and there was a problem with his door not shutting quickly and Stryker getting out before the door actually shuts.  He also told the Board he has spoken to the people that live in his house to be more careful about the door but obviously that did not work, but would have the door fixed immediately.

            The Chairman made a motion to find Mr. Kilinski in violation of all the above allegations and fine him a total of $300.00, suspending the full amount on the condition that he obey all laws and abate the nuisance of “Stryker” being at large. The Board allowed Mr. Kilinski to do eight hours of community service at Tri-County Animal Shelter in lieu of any fines being imposed.



There being no further business, the Chairman adjourned the hearing at 7:20 p.m.