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Charles County, Maryland

April 17, 2013 Agenda

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1. License Counts as of this month are as follows:

Masters license: 1599
General- 1244: 581 Active, 3 Deceased, 606 Expired and 54 Inactive.
Restricted Master- 156: 83 Active, 0 Deceased, 67 Expired and 16 Inactive.
Expired without license type listed: 200

Journeyman license: 1849 
894 Active, 2 Deceased and 953 Expired.

Homeowner’s Permit: 140 with no active licenses.

2. Approval of March 2013 meeting minutes

3. Rules and Regulations to be updated. 

4. Thirty two (32) applied and approved Journeyman exams twenty three (23) were administered in March.  Graded and to be processed this month.

5. The Board has determined HVAC contractors will need an HVAC Restricted Electricians license to do installation.  Has there been any progress made on this license request?  Per Don Litten this will be an issue dealt with as soon as the new Building Codes are approved and adopted by the Commissioners. 

6. Letter of Recommendation was written and provided to the County Commissioners of the Board’s decision on terms of Board members.  We have had no response.

7. Signed Code of Civility and Code of Ethics documents were sent to the County Commissioner’s Clerk.

8. Letter of request sent to County Attorney’s office to provide action on Journeyman representing themselves as Contractor’s.