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Charles County, Maryland

April 17, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Board of Electrical Examiners and Supervisors of Charles County
Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2019
4:00 PM
PGM Conference Room 1
Charles County Government Building

John Zanelotti, Chairman
John San Luis, Vice Chairman
Thomas Wathen
Willie Zapata 
Don Litten
Sue Cecil, Secretary
Elizabeth Theobalds, Associate County Attorney

Administrative Business: Approval of March drafted meeting minutes. Thomas Wathen motioned to approve meeting minutes as written.Seconded by John San Luis. All in favor. None opposed.

New Business:

1. Pertaining to our concerns with the State Legislative Committee: Did not pass.

2.  Due to “Energov” program, the renewal process has been altered and we have mailed out a notice to each Active Journeyman. Board Secretary is now updating each contact as received and is sending the instructions to process, renew and update their license once the email is entered the CSS Portal.

3.   Journey examinations were graded at this meeting.  Board Secretary will advise applicants by mail.

Hunter Cole
Alpha Conteh
George Coppage
Jorge Silva Delgado
La Von Green
Brady Kiser
Justin Martin
Ana Orellana
John Phillips
Thomas Spencer
Rutherford Tchoumte
Andrew Tackish
Felix Vargas
Wilber Villeda-Tejada
Jason White   

4.   Journeyman exam application graded: Joshua Hair- approved by John San Luis

5.   Letter signed and sent from John Zanelotti to the Commissioners in reference to Board Members excused and unexcused absences.

6.   Secretary provided applications, fees and by laws from Md State and another MD jurisdictions to appraise and compare to CCEB fees and Rules and Regulations.

7.  Discussion of permitting and inspections for activation of inactive meters.

8.  Homeowner’s Permit exam application: Rodney Elrod, 5070 Port Tobacco Road, Nanjemoy, MD 20662- approved by Thomas Wathen. Secretary to advise by mail.       

Motion was made by Thomas Wathen to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by John San Luis.  All in favor. None opposed. 
Next meeting will be May 15, 2019.