August 15, 2012 Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

August 15, 2012 Minutes

Wednesday, August 15, 2012




  • Gregg Taylor
  • Brad Pelczar
  • Sue Cecil
  • Willie Zapata                                                          


1. Approval of July 2012 meeting minutes.

2. Master license counts: 1564. Journeyman license count: 1845. Homeowner’s license: 140.


1. Rules and Regulations pertaining to the renewal of expired licenses (Master General, Master Restricted and Journeymen) were discussed in April.   Board to update this and other areas of concern of the rules and regulations prior to submitting changes to Commissioners for approval.    Wording changed as fees are subject to change each July 1.   Request to be sent will include the request of:  Maximum option to be considered for renewals exceeding one cycle:   Double the current reinstatement and renewal fees.

2. The Board has determined HVAC contractors will need an HVAC Restricted Electricians license to do installation.  Has there been any progress made on this license request? Sue tried to locate any information from prior years that was questioned to exist and has been unable to locate any information.   Sue to attempt to locate any expired or existing license with exams in folders.  We would like to provide a LV/ABL/HVAC license and exam.

3. In regards to the recent Charles County Contractor Certification, the Board would like it to be documented that they were unaware of this procedure and disagree with self certification of any type.  Any certification should only be provided by the CC Electrical Board and not CPIS/PGM.

4. Journeyman exam considered and accepted:

  • Michael Showalter
  • Joseph Moniz
  • LaVon Green
  • Phillip Berbig
  • Daniel Lopez
  • Dana Robinson
  • John Cotton
  • Edwin Miranda

  5.  Restricted Master’s have made calls to ask if there is any consideration to exempt them from the 10 hours CEU credits to be required for renewal 2014-2016.  To be considered when we have a quorum.

 6.  In reference to our request to the Charles County Attorney’s office for clarification on approving exam applicants and/ or reciprocation of license to an applicant with criminal history.  The concern of the Board was the burden of responsibility of the Board for any/all actions of the licensee if the Board approves any license.  We did receive a verbal and a written response.  The legal clarification was provided for a specific situation/ applicant and the Board will request the clarification to provide legal opinion for any/all applications of any type of license so it may become an amendment to the Rules and Regulation. 

In regard to the response that was received the Board has maintained this as their response: The Electrical Board will proceed as CC Attorney office and CPIS suggested; however it is to be known and documented that the Board does not agree with the response/clarification given.


7.  William Russell – Came to view his exam.  Willie answered his concerns and questions.