August 20, 2014 Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

August 20, 2014 Minutes

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Willie Zapat
John Zanelotti
John San Luis
Bill Lawman
Frank Ward
Sue Cecil 

4:00 PM   Meeting brought to order by Willie Zapata      
License Counts as of this month are as follows:

Masters license: 1677

  • General- 1316: 677 Active, 3 Deceased, 582 Expired and 54 Inactive.
  • Restricted Master- 166: 100 Active, 0 Deceased, 63 Expired and 3 Inactive.
  • Expired without license type listed: 196.

Journeyman license:  1855 

  • 719 Active, 2 Deceased and 1134 Expired.

Homeowner’s permit:

  • 140 with no active licenses.

Discussion Items:

  1. Approval of July 2014 meeting minutes.  All in favor.  None opposed.
  2. John San Luis provided a new Homeowners exam.  The exam will have twenty five (25) questions with a four (4) point value of each question. Frank Ward motioned to approved. John Zanelotti seconded.  All in favor none opposed.
  3. To date 599 renewal applications have been processed of the active 759 Master Electricians.
  4. Brent Golembiewski received a passing grade on the Homeowners exam. Harry Southern did not receive a passing grade on the Homeowners exam.
  5. Ten (10) Journeymen and one (1) Master exam applications  were approved for September 17, 2014 exam.
  6. Commissioner requested for an updated “Accomplishments, Goals and Tasks and Goals” was provided by Frank for review and approved.  Bill Lawman motioned for approval.  John Zanelotti seconded.  All in favor none opposed.
  7. IEC Annual Inspectors Round Table – September 24, 2014. Frank Ward and John Zanelotti to represent.

Meeting adjourned 4:30 PM