Charles County Commission For Women Meeting Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

Charles County Commission For Women Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018, 7:00 p.m. | 10665 Stanhaven Place # 206, White Plains, MD

Meeting called to order at 7:13 p.m. by Chair Maxine Somerville.  

   Present: Kimberly Graham, Eileen Lynch, Lucinia Mundy, Angela Owens, Jennifer Owens-Mc Swain, Russell Scott, Maxine Somerville, Sarita Spencer, Sandra Swinson, La’Kenya Walter, Robbie Wilson 
   Absent: Danielle Jones and Aretha Larsen


  1.Welcome:  Chair M. Somerville welcomed members with enthusiasm and excitement. 

  2.Treasurer’s Report:   A. Owens reported an account balance of $1,752.51, including two payments; 1) $348.16 ($100 Sip n Paint facilitator gift and $248.16 retreat lunch) paid to M. Somerville and 2) $17.28 (EventBright fee for Sip n Paint registration) paid to S. Spencer.

  3.Approval of Minutes:  R. Wilson made the motion and A. Owens second to approve the minutes from the May 10, 2018 meeting.  Motion carried.

  4.Chair’s Report: Chair, M. Somerville swore in new member, Eileen Lynch
    a.  The Chair sent around the new roster for all member to verify their information.
    b.  The Chair informed the CCCW that the standard question being developed for Charles County Politicals would be tabled until July so that they may be adjusted for the winners of the primary election.
    c.  The Chair asked for feedback from those who attended the Charles County Town Halls.  L. Walter said the Town Hall in La Plata had a good turnout.  Homelessness was the hot topic.  E. Lynch stated that she attended the Educational Association of Charles County meeting.  Mostly former teachers were in attendance.  There were consistent themes about the culture between parents and teachers.  There was also conversation about bullying and students with special needs.  The organization in interesting in speaking with the CCCW.
   d.  The Advocacy Committee Chair resigned from the CCCW, leaving only one person on the Committee.  Advocacy effort will need to be absorbed by the other Committees with the support of W.E. Matters.  The Executive Committee agreed that Rosemary’s Closet will be a sub-committee under W.E. Matters but as a separate entity.  S. Spencer and S. Swinson will serve on that sub-committee.  The mission will be to raise awareness and fundraise.  W.E. matters will absorb MLAW activities.  The MLAW Committee will think about what Maryland laws will impact women and children in Charles County.  To ensure all the Committees are fully covered, S. Spencer will step down from the Youth Committee and A. Owens will move from the Homelessness Committee to the Youth Committee.


1. The CCCW meeting with the Charles County Commissioners is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19, 2018 around noon.  Chair, M. Somerville is working on the presentation to include; 1) The great work that CCCW is doing, 2) the need for a liaison and the roles and responsibilities of the liaison, and 3) a budget.

2. Commissioner D. Davis has requested a justification from the CCCW to receive funds.  Vice Chair, S. Spencer looked at the Alice Report as a guide to prepare the justification with the concept being to help the underserved women in the County.  Additional funding will also be used to promote participation in CCCW activities, i.e., promotional items to give at events.  

3. CCCW members discussed their experience volunteering for Project Graduation.  There were two incidents that required first responders.  The CCCW volunteers felt as thought the response from the first responders could be improved.  The CCCW will submit a letter to the Project Graduation Planning Committee to address the issues.

4. There were two motions to make disbursements.  
  a.  S. Swinson made a motion to make a payment to Lifestyles Inc of $305.81 from the Sip n Paint fundraiser.  J. Owens-McSwain second, and the motion was approved by those present.
  b.  S. Swinson made a motion to make payment of $50.00 to the recipient of the History Day award.  R. Wilson second and the motion was approved by those present.

5. The CCCW discussed the CCCW signature event planned for April 2019.   There will be three subcommittees;
  a.  Logistics: venue, menu, set up, run of show; silent auction
  b.  Program: getting entertainment, responsible for program production; handling talent; invitations; DJ; work with graphic designer; creating program; program emcee
  c.  Sponsorship/Marketing: responsible for ticket sales, program ads, advertising in paper, radio, social media; work with graphic designer; publicity; flyers; photography; VIP tickets
All members were asked to sign up for a Committee.  The completed sign up sheet will be posted on ZOHO.  Also, it was suggested that the CCCW Executive Committee submit a written request to the County’s Human Resources for a County paid intern to assist with the planning. The Logistics Committee was tasked to start immediately with determining a date and location for the signature event.  For future monthly meetings, each signature event committee should provide a report.


1. Homelessness-Chair, R. Wilson:  She stated that the Committee is working on the Soup Kitchen activity discussed at the retreat.  They are also working on donations for Purses for a Purpose.

2. Youth-Chair, Jennifer Owens-McSwain: She stated that the Committee is gearing up for the Red Ribbon Campaign in October.  This year there will be a poster contest.  Also, the Committee would like to have a table at the Early Childhood Day on August 4, 2018. W. E. Matters was asked to do a taping for a Charles County Government Television airing.  S. Spencer made a motion for an amount not to exceed $135 to purchase marketing materials and a table for Early Childhood Day.  A. Owens second and the motion was approved by those present.

3. Advocacy-Dissolved

4. W.E. Matters-No Chair-M. Somerville reported:  E. Lynch is working on media sources and a calendar of national holidays.  The Committee is working on reintroducing the CCCW to the community and raise the CCCW’s social media profile.  It was also suggested that someone form the County’s Communications Department be invited to a meeting to explore how they can assist with the CCCW’s marketing efforts.


1.  Mission of Mercy information sent to the CCCW.  Members need a group code to register.  S. Swinson will investigate the group code.Chair thanked guest for attending.  

Meeting adjourn at 8:26 p.m.  
Respectfully Submitted by: Sandra Swinson, Secretary, Charles County Commission for Women