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Charles County, Maryland

February 18, 2015 Minutes

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


  • Willie Zapata
  • John Zanelotti
  • John San Luis
  • Sue Cecil
  • Frank Ward                          

Meeting brought to order by Willie Zapata at 4:08 PM.      

  1. Approval of January 2015 meeting minutes after correction in item #6.  Change wording from Co-Chairman to Vice Chairman.  All in favor.  None opposed.
  2. 714 license Journeyman renewals have been mailed out. The license expiration date on these licenses is June 30, 2015.
  3. Frank Ward provided updated information on proposed State Legislation with regards licensing and regulation of Electricians.  A copy was provided to each member.  After discussion it was decided to continue to monitor.  Note: MACO was to review this on February 18, 2015 we will monitor actions.
  4. Frank Ward provided proposed (NEC 2014) code changes.  Staff (Don Litten, Code Enforcement Officer and Planchek) proposed (with regards to NEC 2014 Section 210(B) 8) a request to make exception to this section.  After discussion and review it was decided the recommendation would be to enforce the NEC 2014 with NO exceptions.    All in favor.  None opposed.
  5. Master exam applications approved:  Wendell Dailey and Patrick Murphy

Meeting adjourned 5:00 PM