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Charles County, Maryland

January 15, 2014 Agenda

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


4:00 PM

License Counts as of this month are as follows:

Masters license:  1641
General- 1283: 637 Active, 3 Deceased, 590 Expired and 53 Inactive.
Restricted Master- 162: 92 Active, 0 Deceased, 64 Expired and 6 Inactive.
Expired without license type listed: 196

Journeyman license:  1855
716 Active, 2 Deceased and 1137 Expired.

Homeowner’s Permit:  140 with no active licenses.

Approval of November 2013 Meeting Minutes

1. Samuel Payne- Journeyman #281- is requesting to have his Journeyman license renewed as he was incarcerated.

2. Homeowner’s exam needs to be revised per our November 2013 meeting.  It was determined that the exam would be change to only pertain to residential work and be twenty (20) questions.

3. Homeowner exam for Saleem Naviwala was approved by Willie Zapata.

4. Sue sent renewal application and notification to Thomas Newcomb, Journeyman # 549.
It was determined at the November meeting Mr. Newcomb would be able to renew his Journeyman license.

5. 2014 Master Renewal application revised for approval.

6. We will be holding interviews for a position on our Board at this meeting.  Jim Blanche, Representative General Public, has met the time limitation (8 years) determined by our Commissioners as of December 31, 2013.  Mar Blanche will be eligible to attend meetings until the new member is appointed by the Commissioners.

Scheduled interviews by applicants are as follows:

4:15- John San Luis
4:30- Larry Dean
4:45- Theodore Baily Jr.
5:00- Randal Cox