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Charles County, Maryland

January 20, 2016 Minutes

Wednesday, January 20, 2016



  • Bill Lawman
  • John San Luis
  • Willie Zapata
  • John Zanelotti
  • Frank Ward
  • Sue Cecil, Secretary

Meeting brought to Order by John Zanelotti at 4:02 PM

  1. Updated Rules and Regulations have been posted on Charles County Government website. 
  2. Gerald Brown- attended the meeting.  John San Luis reviewed his September 2015 exam with him.
  3. Journeyman exam for Kevin Best was approved by Willie Zapata.
  4. All Board members were advised of the “Active Shooter Training” that will be provided to all Board Members, Commissions and Committee members on January 27, 2016 at 6 PM.
  5. MUELEC annual fees for 2016 have been paid.
  6. John San Luis was voted in a Vice Chairman.  Bill Lawman made the motion.   Seconded by Frank Ward.  All in favor.  None opposed.  
  7. State Electrical Legislative Committee has provided us with more information.   It was discussed if it should be brought before the Charles County Commissioners with our concerns.  Frank will be willing to act on our behalf and will provide our Board members with a draft of our concerns prior to presentation. Frank Ward made the motion.  Bill Lawman seconded.  All in favor.  None opposed.
  8. Willie Zapata to provide a new Homeowners permit exam (NEC 2014).
  9. John Zanelotti to provide new exams for the March 2016 exam (NEC 2014) at the February meeting to be approved.
  10. Licensing for the month:

Master license:  1765

  • General- 1401: 422 Active, 4 Deceased, 723 Expired and 252 Inactive.
  • Restricted Master- 176: 67 Active, 1 Deceased, 77 Expired and 31 Inactive.
  • 188 data not provided.

Journeyman license: 1865

  • 594 Active, 3 Deceased and 1268 Expired.

Homeowner's Permit:  4 active license.

Meeting ended at 4:25 PM

Next meeting:  February 17, 2016