March 19, 2014 Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

March 19, 2014 Minutes

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Willie Zapata
Bill Lawman
Sue Cecil
Frank Ward
John Zanelotti
John San Luis

Meeting brought to order by Willie Zapata at 4:12PM.

License Counts as of this month are:

  • Masters license: 1652
  • General- 1294: 653 Active,3 Deceased, 588 Expired and 50 Inactive. Restricted Master-162: 93 Active, 0 Deceased, 64 Expired and 5 Inactive. Expired without license type listed: 196.
  • Journevman license: 1855
  • 719 Active, 2 Deceased and 1134 Expired.

Homeowners permit:

  • 140 with no active licenses.

Discussion Items:

  1. Approval of February meeting minutes.  All in favor.  None opposed.
  2. Exams administered : Ten (10) Journeyman Three (3) Master
  3. Kenneth Muschette- Master 1613: His '""quest in reference to Master Renewal application requirement that license is to appear on all company vehicles. He questioned it being a requirement by the State Board.  Willie Zapata to locate State requirement in writing.
  4. Determination of how to enforce "Split Bus Panels" was discussed per request from Code Enforcement Officer, Don Litten. It was agreed there is no objection to the way it is being enforced by Planchek.  Willie Zapata is t? provide letter for Sue to give to Don Litten with result of discussion.
  5. Discussion of legislation pertaining to Phasing out of Local Licensing. Frank Ward and Adam Storch represented Charles County Government at State House hearing. Frank provided copy of the Final Task Report and gave clarification as to how it may affect the Masters, the Electrical Board and CPIS/ Permits.
  6. Board Members reminded to provide Financial Disclosure form to CAO. Meeting adjourned at 8:07PM.