March 20, 2019 Agenda |

Charles County, Maryland

March 20, 2019 Agenda

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Board of Electrical Examiners and Supervisors of Charles County
March 20,  2019
Law Library - Charles County Government Building

Admin Business: Discussion of February 26, 2019 drafted meeting minutes.

New Business:
1. Pertaining to our concerns with the State Legislative Committee: Updated information from Gilbert Thompson provided in reference to Hold on House bills 792 & 905.

2. Journeyman applicants approved for exams
Hunter Cole
Alpha Conteh
George Coppage
Jorge Silva Delgado
James Gatton
Lavon Green
Claude Jackson
Brady Kiser
Justin Martin
Dustin Mikkola
John Phillips
Ana Orellana
Thomas Spencer
Rutherford Tchoumte
Andrew Tackish
Felix Vargas
Wilbur Villeda-Tejada
Jason White
3. PGM/CPIS will be activating a new computer program. Licensing and permtis will be part of the updated program.  Don and Sue will continue to work to keep the Board involved and updated.

4. Chairman to provide new quiestions to revise the Homeowner's Permit Exam.

5. Due to “Energov” program, the renewal process has been altered and we have mailed out a notice to each Active Journeyman. The notice asked for an email address to be sent to our address.  Once provided, Sue will provide the instructions to process, renew and update their license once the email is entered the CSS Portal.  The notices should be mailed out in March 2019.
-Questions from Journeyman holders with no email.
-Questions from Journeyman holders with no printer.
We are working with staff to resolve any concerns and or problems.

6. Stephanie Springer, Assistant to the Director and Ray Shumaker, Chief of CPIS, will be attending this meeting to discuss Electrical Board fee structure.

7. Homeowner's Exam application: Tyler Sideschlag, 13625 Rumsey Place, Bryantown, MD 20617

Please note Agenda is subject to change.
Next meeting will be April 17, 2019.