March 28, 2018 Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

March 28, 2018 Minutes

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

4:00 PM
PGM #1
Charles County Government Building                   



John Zanelotti, Chairman        

Thomas Wathen- absent

John San Luis, Vice Chairman

Sandra Fitzgerald, Assoc County Attorney

Reed Faasen

Willie Zapata-absent

Susan Cecil, Secretary



Administrative Business:

  • Approval of February 2018 drafted meeting minutes.

John San Luis motioned to approve meeting minutes as written.Seconded by Reed Faasen. All in favor. None opposed.

  • Board member update:  Reed Faasen has been assigned to be the Representative for Charles County Government to replace Frank Ward.  Welcome Reed!

New Business:

  1. Pertaining to our concerns with the State Legislative Committee:
  • John Zanelotti attended the MUELEC meeting, February 21, 2018, representing Charles County. The 2014 exam book was exchanged for 2017 examination book.  MD State and all counties to begin testing on this 2017 exam book as of June 2018. John Zanelotti will provide exams for September exam date.
  1. Review of Rules and Regulations sections 4-16 was discussed.  Sandra and Sue to work on changes and corrections. The Rules and Regulations document will stand as written until any and all revisions are updated and approved.
  2. Journeymen exam provided to:
  • Widow Aboagye
  • Hunter Cole
  • Jorge Silva Delgado
  • William Escobar
  • Mark Guerzon
  • Noble Oliver IV
  • Russell Phillips
  • John Phillips
  • Emanuel Scott
  • Andrew Tackish
  • Rutherford Tchoumte
  • Jason White
  • Andrew Winslow
  • Michael Wolz
  1. Master exam provided to:
  • Gilbert F Cook
  • Roy Kline

Motion was made by Reed Faasen to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by John San Luis. All in favor. None opposed. 

Next meeting will be April 18, 2018.