May 16, 2012 Minutes |

Charles County, Maryland

May 16, 2012 Minutes

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4:00 PM
P.G.M. Conference Room #1


Gregg Taylor
Brad Pelczar
Jim Blanche
Bill Lawman


1.    Approval of April 2012 meeting minutes.

2.    Master license counts: 1551.  Journeyman license count: 1845. 
       Homeowner’s license: 140.


  1. March 2012 Exams:

Journeyman- 26 applications / 9 no show/10 failures and 7 passed and received license.
Master- 2 applications/ 0 no show/ 1 failure and 1 passed and received license.

  1. Gregg Taylor and Willie Zapata are to attend the MUELEC meeting  on May 22, 2012.
  2. Rules and Regulations pertaining to the renewal of expired licenses (Master General, Master Restricted and Journeymen) were discussed.  Board to update this and other areas of concern of the rules and regulations prior to submitting changes to Commissioners for approval.  $360.00 maximum option to be considered.
  3. The Board has determined HVAC contractors will need an HVAC Restricted Electricians license to do installation.  This license should be provided by the Board. We will need to work with PGM/CPIS to begin the requirement.