Meeting Minutes 7/15/2013 |

Charles County, Maryland

Meeting Minutes 7/15/2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Meeting Minutes for the Commission on Individuals with Disabilities

Monday, July 15, 2013

County Government Building, Rm. B125


In Attendance:                                    Excused:

Amy Blandford                                   Jeff Barnett                              

Harsha Desai                                       Linda Clem                          

Emily Ferren                                        Sandra Dent

Joane Gulvas                                        Elaine Lancaster

Bonnie Hampton

Jim Howard

Robin Lincoln

Kelly Reynolds

Tony Silva

Meeting Called To Order: at 3:00 by new Chair, Tony Silva.  The attendance roster was checked for today’s meeting.

Minutes ApprovedJune 17th minutes approved as amended. 


Membership Update:

All are up to date.

Our officers for 2013-2014(beginning July 1) are:

Chair, Tony Silva

Vice-Chair-Emily Ferren

Secretary, Robin Lincoln

Many thanks, kudos and accolades go to Amy Blandford, Sandra Dent and Emily Ferren for their services in the last year.

Harsha requested to conference call in the event that she is unable to attend in person and that request was accommodated.




Disability Awareness Day: September 26, 2013

 11 a.m.-2 p.m.  American Legion

Theme:  Seen and Unseen Disabilities

Sponsored by Southern Maryland Center for Independent Living and St. Mary’s Commission for Individuals with Disabilities

Amy Blandford stated that she can hand out brochures. Please let her know if you can assist.


Early Childhood Day:  August 3rd, 2013

10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Capital Clubhouse

Theme:  Back to School

Early Childhood Day will bring child care providers, experts from the field, and organizations that work with children and families together in Charles County. The Early Childhood Advisory Council's mission is that all Charles County children birth through five enters school ready to learn.

Emily Ferren stated that she will be there and can hand out information. 




Joanne Gulvas provided an update on the brochures.  The format of the brochure did not fit the government format and so Joanne suggested using a two sided card instead of a tri-fold brochure. The information fits on this type of card.  It was agreed that this card would work fine.  Joanne has received permission from Mr. Belton to print the cards utilizing her ADA budget funds

Possible distribution sites for the brochures include libraries, Department of Community Services, the Health Department, and Fire Departments. We also want to make sure our Commission information is included in the next United Way Information Guide.


Website:  Our only available website is through Charles County at this time.  If we do create our own website, a link to it can be provided through the government website.  We discussed using social media, Facebook, as a way to get the word out about CIWD. 



The Who’s, rock opera, Tommy, will be playing at the Port Tobacco Players from July 19th- August 11th.

It will be playing on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 3 p.m. 

This is a theatrical event that follows the life of a young boy who obtained his disability through a violent act in his home and his only connection to the outside world is his almost superhuman ability to win at pinball.   “Sure plays a mean pinball” 

For more information, call 301-932-6819 or visit their website:


October 19th, 2013:  The CIWD members will receive AED training from Joanne Gulvas during the Commissioners meeting. 


Everyone enjoyed cake to celebrate the ingoing and outgoing officers. 


Meeting Adjourned:

 The meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 3 p.m. at the County Government Building (office of Joanne Gulvas—B125). 


Respectfully submitted,

Robin Lincoln

Robin Lincoln, Secretary