Meeting Minutes 9-16-2015 |

Charles County, Maryland

Meeting Minutes 9-16-2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Minutes-September 16, 2015


Attendees:  Ivan Cunningham, Trisha DePhillip, Vicki Dopler, Kim fullerton, Anne Gardiner, Linda Kelley, Carrie Monaghan, Donna Poudrier, and Kim Stephens

Excused: Mike Golden


1.  Tech position is now filled.

2.  Some of the new cages have been put together and are in use.

3.  50 cat adoptions in July

4.  Our new video cameras picked up children stealing a dog from the night cage. The childen were later identified and turned over to the Sheriff's Dept.

5.  Pat Miller (trainer) of Peaceable Paws will be out on Oct. 1 for staff training from 9am-4pm.

6.  Charles County Public Facilities Dept will have an independent contractor put together a feasibility study to determine if/how air conditioning can be put in the dog kennels.

7.  Linda Kelley has spoken with the Calvert County Attorney Office. The Calvert County Attorney's Office does not have an issue with releasing the evaluation to the public. Jean Radeaker with PAWS has obtained a copy.

8.  The Advisory Committee approved via phone $2,500 for National Cat Day promotion.

9.  Clear the Shelter Day Adoption Event Resuls are as follows:  20 dog adoptions, 27 cat adoptions, 1 Rabbit adoption, 2 G. pig adoption, 17 Rescues (13 dogs 4 cats), for a total of 67 animals saved that day.

10. December 19, 2015 will be the Clear The Shelter Christmas Party.

11. The shelter does not have their own Facebook account, but all animal pictures are listed on the Charles County Website at

12. National Dog Day netted 9 dog adoptions and 4 cat adoptions.

13. Shelter staff and animals will be out in the community for the following adoption days:  Tractor Supply-Sept 19, Riverfest-Sept 26, Mutt Madness-Oct 12, and Pitbull Awareness-Oct. 24.

14. National Cat Day will be held on Oct. 29. Adoption fees waived for all cats/kittens. November will be Adopt a Senior Month (5 years old and up will have reduced fees.). Black Fur-Day is Nov 23-28 with reduced 

      fee adoptions. National Mutt Day will be Dec. 2 National Roof Over Your Head Day is Dec. 3.

15. The committee has approved $7,500 for adoption promotions to finish out this year.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Anne Gardiner




Meeting adjourned 9:00pm

Next Meeting Oct. 21, 2015