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Charles County, Maryland

Minutes- Dec 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Charles County Area Council on Aging

December 13, 2012 Meeting:  9:30 A.M

Richard R. Clark Senior Center

La Plata, MD 20646


Persons Present:  (M-voting member; N-non-voting member; C- Community representative): Maurice DiPoli (M, Chair), Sonja Mahoney (M, Vice-Chair, via her son Tre's smartphone), Kim Simonson, representing Commissioner President Kelly (M), Bruce Kirk (M, Secretary), Barbara Crawford (M), Vicki Grow (M), George Estes (M), Elaine Lancaster (M), Marise Robertson (M), Dina Barclay (N, Chief of Aging and Senior Programs), Linda Barnes (C, CCDoH Rep).


Persons Absent:  (E=excused, U= unexcused), Beverly Coger (M, E), Commissioner Candice Q Kelly (M, E), Dr. Guillermo Sanchez (M, E), Maureen Swymer (M, E), Bill Holman (C, E, CCNRC Rep).


Call to Order:  9:35 AM, Maurice DiPoli.

Presence of Quorum:  Yes (9 of 13 current voting ACA members).

Approval of Minutes:  The November minutes were approved as distributed, with a thank you to George Estes, who was the Acting Secretary in Bruce Kirk's absence.

Communications sent/received:  Richard Black formally submitted his resignation from the Council.  Three individuals have been newly appointed by the Board of Commissioners to the Council and their formal acceptances are pending.

County Commissioner's Report:  Ms. Kim Simonson advised that Commissioner Kelly is considering two new action items of interest to older adults (& others in the community):  a program to raise awareness about prescription drug misuse/abuse; and establishing a military veteran's museum in the Newburg area.

Aging Division Director’s Report:  Dina Barclay.

-  the annual performance report for federal programs has been submitted to the state & the agency is now completing the closeout process for FY12 Federal grants.  FY13 grant funds have not yet been received, but are anticipated at level funding (depending on fiscal cliff/sequestration outcomes).

-  The Jaycees senior Christmas party was wonderful & very well attended, hosting over 500 persons.  Commissioner Collins was asked by dozens of people about the status of a new Waldorf Senior Center, which was mentioned by Commissioner Robinson at last year’s party.  Members of the Waldorf Senior Council recently visited a potential site, with favorable feedback, but other sites are still being sought/considered by the County. Ideally, the Commissioners would prefer a site within the urban/development district, but feedback from seniors has also indicated that they do not feel as safe/comfortable driving in these high-traffic areas of the County.  There are many other considerations included in the site selection for this multi-year capital improvement project. 


Unfinished Business:

-  Spring Outreach Event: Senior Summit.  Sonja Mahoney is the lead organizer for this program  in the spring of 2013.  She has been in touch with the Newburg Rescue Squad as a possible host site.  The Clark Center multipurpose room has also been tentatively reserved on May 9, if needed.  Dina will contact Maryland Dept of Aging to invite Secretary Lawlah or her representative to attend.  Kim Simonson can assist with the invitations to other local elected officials, as needed.  The areas of focus for the summit will be a determining factor in who is invited (i.e, federal issues vs. state/local issues). The Outreach Subcommittee will make these decisions about the event at its next planning meeting.  Partner organizations can be contacted to set up exhibits around the room, or may be willing to sponsor the refreshments, since there is no budget provided for the ACA Board.  Suggestions included private businesses such as Fenwick Landing, various Home Health and Medical Equipment providers, etc.  Other vendors to consider for exhibit space include the Legal Aid Bureau, VanGO transportation, Housing Authority, TriCounty Council, and a booth to offer “brown bag with the Pharmacist.” Possible plenary speakers could include Secretary Lawlah, Commissioner Kelly, or another state official. A presentation on Rx misuse/Rx management was suggested, as this is a major concern that impacts both the health & finances of many older adults.  It was also suggested that “save the date” cards be sent out to VIPs, once the event date/details are finalized.  Ms. Simonson indicated that she could assist with the “save the date” cards.


-  Colon Cancer Health Forum.  Dr. Sanchez was unable to attend today, but sent information to Dina.  He has contacted Drs. Patel and Mathur to speak, with additional speakers possible.  Dina reserved the Clark Center multipurpose room for April 11, as requested at the previous meeting, but will confirm with Dr. Sanchez regarding speaker availability for that date.  A registered dietician (on staff in Aging Division) is also available to discuss the relationship of diet to the onset and treatment of colon cancer, if the committee would like to include this in the program.  CCNRC previously agreed to print the program.  Dina and Ms. Simonson can assist with the publicity of the event.  In addition to the newspaper, radio, SCOOP, and social media publicity; if Dr Sanchez would like to promote this event on the County’s Cable Access Channel, a taping can be arranged by calling Kim Hicks-Dye (301-645-0728). The next committee meeting is immediately after the regular ACA meeting on Jan 10th.  


New Business:

-  USM Legislative Forum.  In order to reduce the possibility of severe weather, the date for this program in Annapolis has been changed to March 19th.  Tickets ($15) may be ordered and paid for at www.unitedseniors.net. The Aging Division will coordinate a bus for those who wish to attend.  Look for additional information in the SCOOP and at Senior Centers.


Member and Community Representative Announcements:

-  Vicki Grow (College of Southern Maryland) noted that the College offers a number of programs and venues to help veterans returning from duty receive job training.

-  Bruce Kirk (United Seniors of Maryland) said that Maryland's legislators do want to hear from their constituents and USM continues to encourage all seniors to contact their legislators at any time to voice their concerns.

-  Linda Barnes (Charles County Health Department) said that confirmed influenza has shown up in the County and that there will be an additional flu clinic on December 20th at the Health Department building in White Plains.  It’s not too late to get vaccinated.


Adjournment: the meeting was adjourned by Maurice DiPoli at 10:28.

Next Meeting:  The next regular ACA meeting will be on Thursday, January 10th at 9:30 AM at the Clark Senior Center.


Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Kirk, Secretary