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Charles County, Maryland

Minutes January 16, 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Board of Electrical Examiners and Supervisors of Charles County
Meeting Minutes
January 16, 2019
4:00 PM
PGM Conference Room 1
Charles County Government Building

John Zanelotti, Chairman
John San Luis, Vice Chairman
Thomas Wathen
Willie Zapata - Absent
Don Litten
Sue Cecil, Secretary
Sandra Fitzgerald, Associate County Attorney

Administrative Business:
Approval of November 2018 drafted meeting minutes. Thomas Wathen motioned to approve meeting minutes as written.Seconded by John San Luis. All in favor. None opposed.

New Business:

1.Pertaining to our concerns with the State Legislative Committee:  Two new bills have been drafted by Delegate Kevin Horngberger that could drastically change the existing licensing process, enforcement procedures, and management of the electrical industry of Maryland per MUELEC.We were provided with notice written by the Executive Secretary (Gilbert Thompson) stating MUELEC would be opposed to this newly drafted legislation.

2. Discussion of revising the Homeowner’s Permit exam. Discussion that John Zanelotti will provide an updated exam for review.

3. PGM/ CPIS has a new computer program (Emergo). This being considered the transitional stage; Staff is doing a great job providing permits and licenses.  Don and Sue will continue to work with any issues that would involve this Board and all Electricians.  

4.  Accomplishments, Goals and Tasks for 2019 were provided for Chairman’s signature. Each Board member received a signed copy.  Sue to provide a copy to the Clerk to the Commissioners as requested.

5.  PGM/ CPIS has activated a new computer program.  Licensing and permits are part of the updated program.  Don and Sue will continue to work to keep the Board involved and updated.

6.  Journeyman application approved by John San Luis for Dustin Mikkola. 

Motion was made by John San Luis to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Thomas Wathen.  All in favor. None opposed. 

Next meeting will be February 20, 2019.